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MCF Hangout with Kia

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Around 60 MyCarForum (MCF) members together with their partners and family gathered at the KIA Alexandra showroom last Saturday to attend the seventh MCF Hangout with Kia.  
MCF members were naturally excited to check out the fleet of Kia cars, especially the recently launched feature-laden Sorento. Other cars available for test drive included the award-winning Forte K3, family-friendly Carens, sporty Rio, Sportage and Optima K5. In addition, there were attractive lucky draw prizes to be won as well, which included the grand prize of a weekend drive in the Sorento.
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Attached Image Hmm, which ride should I choose? 
Attached Image MCF members had a chance to build their very own terrarium.
Attached Image An MCF member eagerly checking out the Kia Sorento.
Attached Image Is the Optima’s boot able to fit all my ‘barang barang’?
Attached Image Please, can I just drive now?
Attached Image Fellow MCF members mingling with each other.
Attached Image KIA Sales Manager, Mr. Axel Fey, giving a brief introduction of the brand.
Attached Image MCF members listening attentively as Senior Automotive Journalist Regan Ong shared his experience with the Sorento.
Attached Image Mr. Lexus Teo from ZMC Automotive introducing Thinkware’s latest products.
Attached Image MCF members were treated to a delectable spread of food.
Attached Image And, we are off!
Attached Image This is one solid ride.
Attached Image Daddy, I found some little treasures inside the glove compartment!
Attached Image Okay, let me guess ...
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Attached Image Presenting you the winner of the grand prize of a weekend drive in a Sorento!
Attached Image A group photoshoot after the event.
Attached Image Goodies to take home, courtesy of Kia.
Click here for more photos of the event.

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Helloworld99 May 12 2015 05:30 AM
Hi, I am also an MCF member but I dun seem to receive any invite or info on such an event. How do I get notified on such event as I would like to join? Thanks
Evilernie May 12 2015 08:30 AM

Thanks the team of MCF for organising the event. I'm glad to get the chance to test drive the K3 & K5.

pChou May 12 2015 03:07 PM

Hi, I am also an MCF member but I dun seem to receive any invite or info on such an event. How do I get notified on such event as I would like to join? Thanks


For the event, we post it under Lite & Ez




and its normally under the top 5 threads.. Sometimes on and off we will send the invitation to members too.

takeshikaneshiro79 May 12 2015 09:43 PM

Hmmm.... You guys posted there but when I went there, the description under the title is:


"Everything not related to cars! Fill us up with random chatter. Discuss issues from public transport, current affairs to global news & more!"


So... this hangout has got nothing to do with cars? LOL ^^

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