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Review: Honda Legend Hybrid 3.5 i-VTEC

By Faiming_low on 22 Mar 2016 in New model

Attached Image Honda has been on a roll in recent years with the launch of the much acclaimed Civic Type R and the NSX supercar. Even its compact hatch, the Jazz and the widely-popular Vezel/HR-V is doing well. So what about its new large sedan, the Legend Hybrid?

Attached Image Last seen with a 3.5-litre V6 a decade ago, the new generation Legend uses a similar engine layout and capacity too. But now, the new Legend has been blessed with a high-tech hybrid system that uses two individual electric motors to power each rear wheel and another electric motor in the front to allow the car to drive in full electric mode.

Attached Image Combined with a naturally aspirated V6 that produces 308bhp, the overall output of the car adds up to an impressive 372bhp.

Attached Image On the road, the car feels quicker than you would expect it to be. Only after the shock of realising how much power it has, I consulted the spec sheet to find the car capable of doing the century sprint in 5.9 seconds. For the rest of the time throughout the test, I found myself trying to cruise along on the highway silently without forcing the engine to come alive. Kind of an addictive challenge to be honest!

Attached Image A battery power gauge lets you know how much electric power is available. Interesting to see how fast the needle rises according to how hard you brake.

Attached Image When the straights end and a corner approaches, I was in for another surprise. This large car does turn well! Aided by the rear electric motors that act as torque vectoring systems in high-end sports cars, you can throw it around quite briskly without feeling much of its near 2,000kg mass. For those who can't decipher what is happening in the above photo, I was on a left corner, which prompted the rear inner motor to brake a little while the outer rear motor was giving more power to assist the car in turning left.

Attached Image Elsewhere, the car is top-notch in terms of comfort and quality. I must admit the wood trimming on the dashboard wasn't up to my liking as it reminded me of the early 2000s where most Japanese cars had wood everywhere as it was deemed luxurious.

Attached Image Space is abundant in the rear and most towkays will find it comfortable to travel around in. Coupled with the quiet powertrain, it is a very soothing ride.

Attached Image If the ride gets too quiet for you, a very decent Krell sound system is available to entertain your ears.

Attached Image Looking around, you might notice its very unusual transmission selector. While it might seem slightly disorientating when using it on the move, it all makes sense after some time with the car.

Attached Image Other party pieces the Legend features includes the Lane Keep Assist and the Adaptive Cruise Control. I tried both systems on our highways and they do work as their name suggests. It's pretty fun to see the Lane Keep Assist tugging the wheel gently as the road curves. This is probably as automated as it gets in terms of driving for now.

Attached Image On the whole, the Honda Legend is one of the best hybrid cars on sale now with all the cutting-edge tech and great drive. Those who are in the market for a luxury sedan, give the Honda Legend a go. Chances are, you might walk away impressed.

For a more in-depth review of the car, click here.

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