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Special cars for that special wedding

Attached Image Renting a special wedding car will make your big day a fun experience filled with special memories. As most couples would agree, fancy wedding cars are great for taking lovely and cool photographs and for arriving in style. An elegant and beautiful wedding car will definitely be something the newlyweds can reminisce about as they celebrate their anniversaries in years to come.

Attached Image Many couples borrow a friend's vehicle, rent one or use their own car for the big day. There are also some that have it bundled together with the wedding package, which more often than not is expensive yet generic.

Attached Image Volkswagen Singapore understands this, which is why it has set up the wedding rental programme. For a very reasonable price, couples can choose either the iconic Beetle or the drop-top Golf Cabriolet for their wedding.

Attached Image Both cars are available in 'Pure White', which is captured beautifully in photographs and matches well with a wide range of styling themes and decorations. The vehicles are washed and vacuumed prior to each rental, and couples can rest assured knowing that the cars also undergo a full technical check-up. More importantly, a Volkswagen representative will be on hand to explain all of the car’s features in detail during the handover.

Attached Image Insurance for two drivers is included with each rental, because it would not be fair for only one person to enjoy the driving fun. Or perhaps the preferred arrangement would be for a friend to chauffeur the newlyweds around.

Attached Image Thanks to the large door apertures of both the Beetle and Golf Cabriolet, ingress and egress is easy, even for the bride wearing a long wedding dress. In addition, the vehicles' large cargo areas provide plenty of space for wedding barang barang, or even for luggage if the honeymoon is right after the wedding.

Attached Image Those interested in the programme can visit www.vw.com.sg/wedding to find out more.

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Watwheels Apr 26 2016 08:12 AM

What if the gearbox up lorry on a highway? And the bride needs to go shee shee?


Or are the cars for rental are all running on diesel engine? [sly]

Darryn Apr 26 2016 09:26 AM

Sorry but I must say I find these to be "boring" wedding cars - what happened to the true icon of the classic bug?  The Kombi?  


How about an MG convertible or a classic Roller? 

I happened across a meeting of the Land Rover club at Jalan Kayu a few weeks back - not the friendliest of cars for a bridal gown, but blardy interesting!! 

how about a Jeep Wrangler?  Or a one of the 50s / 60s American classics (there are some around)...

Vinceng Apr 26 2016 09:28 AM
Refreshing change from the conventional Merc or BMW.
Darryn Apr 26 2016 09:33 AM

If I was going to rent a car I'd like to go for something special and memorable...
Like this Singer


or a Mini Moke

Keithchue Apr 26 2016 10:46 AM

GB up lorry, got tow truck for the wedding car..

Keithchue Apr 26 2016 01:11 PM

GB up lorry, got tow truck for the wedding car..

Mkl22 Apr 27 2016 09:04 AM

GB up lorry, got tow truck for the wedding car..


then you get to ride in 2 vehicles for the price of 1.

Keithchue Apr 27 2016 09:12 AM

specially for you only, courtesy of the rental company and AA

then you get to ride in 2 vehicles for the price of 1.


GB up lorry, got tow truck for the wedding car..

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