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Car insurance. What if it was more like your favourite super hero?

By SGCM_editorial on 17 Apr 2017 in Motoring

Attached Image Car insurance. These are two reliable sounding words with a checkered history in Singapore. If you own a car or travel, even to Malaysia, you know what insurance is for. Insurance is for the bad day. The day when your car breaks down, gets damaged or stolen, maybe you're injured and need emergency hospital treatment.

Boring, miserable, expensive

It’s not been fun, buying car insurance in Singapore. In the past, the top three things that Singaporeans may say about their experience:

1. Long coffee with 'uncle' agent. Your Dad told you 'uncle' agent would sort everything out. You get a free rice cooker when you sign the paperwork. But you also have a nasty feeling you may have been persuaded to buy more insurance than you need. And you are definitely paying more than you want to pay.

2. Arguing over a claim.Being passed from one department to another. Being told the claim will be settled. But you are still waiting,10 phone calls and several e-mails later.

3. Being stuck with a policy you don’t want any more. You've seen a better deal somewhere else, but there's a large cancellation fee. If you can even figure out how to cancel because the process is so complicated.

More like your favourite super hero

Super heroes aren’t for days when everything is going to plan. They swoop in to deal with accidents and drama. They settle arguments. They give back what's been taken away. In a nutshell, that’s what your insurance should be about. Your best back up plan.

No stress, pay less

Back in the real world, you could be paying less for a better back up plan. Budget Direct Insurance works smarter and harder for you. Here's the deal:

Insurance + middle man + commission = expensive + complicated

Insurance + online direct = cheaper + quicker

Car insurance due? Pay less or get $100

We're so confident we offer great prices that if your renewal premium with your current insurer is cheaper than our premium for the same level of cover, we’ll give you $100. Even if you decide not to buy from us.

Wait, what?

That's right, if your renewal premium with your current insurer is cheaper than our premium for the same level of cover, we’ll give you $100. No purchase required*.

Insurance should be simple and fair, quick and easy to buy, at a price that’s affordable. Your best back up plan - for days when only a super hero will do.

Budget Direct Insurance
Pay less or get $100

*Terms & Conditions apply

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