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Surprise cash Ang Baos being delivered to nearly one million people in Singapore

Attached Image Singaporeans woke this morning to find lucky 'ang baos' on their car windscreens and motorcycles, courtesy of online insurer, Budget Direct Insurance.

On a scale rarely seen in Singapore, teams are being deployed on the streets in the middle of the night to deliver the red packets.

Throughout the week, the 'ang baos' from Budget Direct Insurance will be delivered to approximately 2,000 carparks right across the island. Singapore motorists are being urged to keep a look-out.

This is the latest guerilla marketing campaign from the ambitious online insurer and includes millions of dollars of cash up for grabs.

To redeem their $10 cash 'ang bao', motorists must register their vehicle details with the online insurer. They don't need to buy anything. So, what's the catch?

There is none, according to Budget Direct Insurance. They'll each get $10 cash if they qualify, whether or not they buy any insurance from Budget Direct Insurance. It's a 'no strings attached' promo, says the online insurer.

In fact, anyone, including those who don't own a car or motorcycle, can benefit. The marketing drive includes a generous Refer-a-Friend offer for anyone, vehicle owner or not, being eligible to receive a cash ang bao of up to $88 if they refer people who successfully register their vehicles under this campaign. It is a daring move that the insurance company hopes will give it direct access to more motorists in Singapore.

The initiative comes hot on the heels of the insurer's previous marketing stunts which includes a flyer inspired by a 'parking summon' that went viral. This was followed by a campaign in which 'NETS FlashPay cards' were delivered to more than half a million vehicles in carparks across the island.

Simon Birch, CEO of Budget Direct Insurance, believes his company's cash offerings are a real draw to Singaporeans. While at the same time, he says, the insurer's stunts have captured the imagination of the motoring community.

Birch said, "We're an insurer that likes to do things differently. From our stunts to our promotions, what we do isn't being done anywhere else in Singapore on such a scale. We are keen to shake up the insurance industry here. Not just in terms of our marketing but in terms of how we do insurance. We believe motorists don't need to be paying such high premiums and we need to get that message out. Insurance can be cheap and good. You can get low-cost insurance plans without cutting corners on the cover you want or the service you deserve. Our marketing campaigns are helping us to get the word out."

During registration for the free ang bao campaign, motorists can receive a quick quote on their car and motorcycle insurance. And for car owners, this means yet another opportunity to claim some extra cash. If a motorist's car insurance renewal quote from their current insurer is cheaper than a quote from Budget Direct Insurance for the same level of cover, they'll get $100. And there's no need to buy anything from them. Terms and conditions apply, of course.

Co:Horts Communications is the creative company supporting Budget Direct Insurance. Its Creative Partner, Luke Tay, said, "Following the success of our previous campaigns, we decided to up the stakes this Chinese New Year. Our auspicious Ang Baos show Budget Direct Insurance's commitment to helping motorists save on car and motorcycle insurance."

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Vinceng Jan 09 2018 06:38 PM

Excellent data mining effort by Budget Direct, but increased sales in insurance premiums can come about only if the terms and conditions are not so sticky compared to competitor insurance companies.


Makes no sense to save a little on insurance premiums, only to be faced with multiple restrictions when making claims.  

LPPL Jan 09 2018 07:58 PM
Budget must be charging customers too much for insurance so they have so much excess cash to throw around for new year, so now we know which company to avoid.
Flying_genie Jan 10 2018 01:02 PM
In this wet and rainy weather, indiscriminately left flyers like these are causing paint damage to vehicles.
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