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4 Valentine's Day Date Places You Can Drive To

By chryst on 06 Feb 2018 in Other blogs

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There’s a special date coming up, or you just want to chut pattern because the relationship’s plateaued for a while. Either way, you wouldn’t want to ruin your romantic day/evening by getting stuck in a crowd and having the magic squeezed out of it.

So what do you do? You eliminate the public transport-taking crowd by going somewhere only cars can reach, and halve that even more by going somewhere so ulu that the two-way Uber trip hurts. You’re left with fellow car owners who have wisely read this article (wink at each other twice so we know we’re from the same community) and the hardcore Obikers who frankly deserve our respect.


1. Pasar Bella @ The Grandstand
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(Credit: Flickr.com/eyesthruthelens)

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. It’s not the most secluded or unknown one on this list, but it certainly deserves a mention. Located in Turf City along Bukit Timah Road, the cosily-lit Pasar Bella sits beautifully against a blue evening sky. If you have kids, drop them straight off at Fidgets World (http://thegrandstand.../fidgets-world/) before you go off and be merry.

As its name suggests, the beautiful market is a feast for both your eyes and stomachs. The interiors feel more German Markthalle than chio pasar malam, the food delicious and varied enough to warrant repeat visits (next seven dates settled). Here you will find delectable culinary ranging from a whole ocean of seafood (see what I did there) hailing from different countries, beefy hot pot, connoisseur cheese, kebabs and alcohol.

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(Credit: Flickr/aevylain

When you’re done stuffing yourself, you can take a walk through the fresh produce section, have a manicure, buy some flowers and scents or even head outside with some snacks and watch remote control cars race on the dirt course. There’s plenty to do here on a lovely date, just remember to collect your little monsters before heading home.

Address: PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994
Opening Hours (Stalls): 9.30am - 7pm
Opening Hours (Restaurants): 10am - 10pm

Google maps link here.

2. Punggol Lalang Field
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(Credit: Flickr.com/arnage)

Perhaps the most relac venue on this list - it’s a perfect cap off to a hectic week or a completed project. Pack a picnic, fly a kite, watch the sunset. You can already feel your shoulders easing off. If your partner is the Instagram-siao kind, show your support and bring them here. Slap on a straw hat, have them do the classic oh-I-didn’t-know-you-were-shooting pose and you’re good to go.[/size]

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The fields are beautiful at sunset, and as it darkens, candles and lights can add an extra charm (as long as you don’t burn down the field). There are HDB blocks in the distance as well, making it the ideal place for a Singaporean to propose.

Address: Punggol Lalang Field
Opening Hours: As late as you are afraid of the dark

Google maps link here.

3. Pasir Ris and Seletar Farmways
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(Credit: Flickr.com/yaya90)

Yeah, that’s right. Trust us to surprise you with a two-in-one deal.

If you’re not the romantic sort and depend on the venue or activity to set your partner’s heart racing, then look no further. The two animal fairways in Singapore are the perfect places to melt even a heart of stone. Just take a look at this:

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(Credit: Feecha.com)

Don’t trust anyone who looks at this photo and feels nothing. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

There’s plenty to see and do at the farmways. Organic and mushroom farms are there if you’re interested, but the main draws are definitely the animal farms. Pet and feed your everyday dogs, hamsters, rabbits or the more uncommon ones like peacocks and horses. Go prawning, try your hand at longkang fishing or admire ornamental fish and coral which Singapore is actually the biggest exporter of in the world!

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(Credit: Flickr.com/coolinsights)

There are animal shelters here for abandoned pets as well. Adopt one for the family, or even volunteer in your free time to take care and play with them together with your partner. Nothing like spending your weekends tending to animals to show your loving and caring side.

Address: Pasir Ris Farmway 1
Opening Hours: 10.30am - 7pm

Google maps link here.

Address: Seletar West Farmway 5[/size]
Opening Hours: 10.00am - 6pm

Google maps link here.

4. Water Venture Sembawang
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(Credit: People’s Association Water Venture)

You drive all the way in to avoid the long, arduous walk only to pay good money to participate in the myriad of physical activities on offer here. Yeah, that’s why we left this till last.

If you met your partner in OBS, are actually one of those aforementioned hardcore Obikers, or if you grew tired of your partner and want to get rid of them, then this is for you. Hike in nature trails, abseil, windsurf, kayak or even camp for a couple of nights. The list goes on but it’s too tiring even thinking of everything they offer to type it all out.

Address: 60 Jalan Mempurong, 759058
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WaterVenture

Google maps link here.

So there you go, we’ve recced four possibly less crowded places to bring your bae (or potential bae) to. Settles both the Valentine’s date and can show off that you rich drive as well. Just remember, less crowded doesn’t mean you can get jiggy with it in public.

But honestly, here’s a quote we found online from a criminal lawyer in Singapore: “It cannot be held to be an indecent act if it is not visible. As long as it's discreet and done behind 'closed doors', then it's okay." Play safe, you kids.

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Written by chryst
I have a lot of things to say and nowhere to say them. And the only kind of driving I do is driving people crazy. I’m not sure what I’m doing here.

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UncleAtas Feb 07 2018 05:04 PM

Pasarbella will be closing down the food and beverage section of its outlet at The Grandstand on 15 February. Not sure if 14 Feb will still be open or not..

chryst Feb 07 2018 05:54 PM

Pasarbella will be closing down the food and beverage section of its outlet at The Grandstand on 15 February. Not sure if 14 Feb will still be open or not..


Thanks for the heads up! I go check a bit.

Brass Feb 08 2018 11:29 PM

Pasarbella will be closing down the food and beverage section of its outlet at The Grandstand on 15 February. Not sure if 14 Feb will still be open or not..

That place is as good as a ghost town.There are lesser and lesser crowds going there.More and more stalls are vacant.Their concept is good,but many factors make it fail here.Failure to attract people is the main reason.
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