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Mercedes-AMG does not want Project One owners to flip their cars for profit

By Faiming_low on 04 Aug 2018 in New model, Other News

Attached Image Mercedes-AMG has voiced out against owners of its forthcoming Project One hypercar, flipping their car for profit.

As reported by Auto Motor und Sport, Mercedes-AMG will be forcing owners of the hypercar to sign a contract that will prohibit buyers from trying to make money via the sale of its Formula One-powered hypercar. The contract is similar to what Ford did with its GT supercar.

Said to cost around S$3.5 million each, there have been a couple of build slots that have appeared for sale around the world but it is unknown whether these listings are real.

Powered by the same 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engine used in the Mercedes Formula One car, the car also has four other electric motors powering the car, endowing the car to have more than 1,000bhp. 0-200km/h can be achieved in six seconds.

Due to the race-derived nature of the powertrain, the turbocharged engine will require a complete rebuild every 50,000 km.

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Written by Faiming_low
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