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Study finds U.K. drivers cursing pretty frequently

By Faiming_low on 07 Oct 2018 in Other News

Attached Image A recent study commissioned by Hyundai found that drivers in United Kingdom can be cursing a little too much...

The findings came from a pool of 2,000 drivers and according to the article from Carscoops, these drivers swear around 41 times for every 160km driven, while also letting out a curse word or phrase once every two and a half miles. Based on an average 600km traveled to and from work a month, that would work out to them cursing 152 times on average.

90% of the adults freely admitted to cursing while behind the wheel, while 61% of them who are parents said that they tend to keep their language in check when there there are children on board.

The study is part of a Clean Driving Month Hyundai U.K. is championing. It hopes to get drivers to have the right mindset in keeping their attitude and language clean while improving their driving style.

The article also posted what the top 30 things that are most likely to make motorists lose their temper verbally:

1. Someone cutting you up
2. When someone nearly changes lanes into you
3. When you see someone texting and driving
4. When someone doesn’t use their indicator
5. A pedestrian stepping into the road without looking
6. When someone leaves their high beams on
7. Someone driving too slowly in front of you
8. When people park over two spaces
9. When someone doesn’t thank you for waiting for them
10. When someone stays in the middle lane of the motorway
11. Getting stuck behind a tractor
12. When someone beeps at you
13. When a cyclist runs a red light
14. When a lorry slowly overtakes another one, causing a tailback
15. When you get flashed by a speed camera
16. When you’re stuck in traffic
17. Getting stuck behind a cyclist
18. Running late
19. Being stuck in a traffic jam
20. When someone undertakes you on the motorway
21. Someone speeding past you
22. Getting stuck behind a lorry
23. When someone takes too long to park
24. When people ‘rubberneck’ at traffic accidents
25. One of your passengers ‘backseat driving’
26. Getting stuck behind a bus
27. Getting stuck behind a milk float
28. Hitting a red light
29. Having to slow down for speed bumps
30. Being held up by an accident up ahead

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Written by Faiming_low
Since young, Fai Ming has always centered his life around cars. In fact his first word was 'car' and not 'mum' or 'dad'. Aren't kids cute?

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EasyDrive Oct 24 2018 10:39 AM
most metropolitian cities have the same problems
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