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Latest Google Map app can direct you to the nearest EV charging station

By Faiming_low on 18 Oct 2018 in New technology, Other News

Attached Image For those who owns or drive an EV (Electric Vehicle), you can now find your way to the nearest EV charging station thanks to Google Map.

Available to both iOS as well as Android phone users, the feature is available to you once you have updated to the latest version. Once you are in the app, a quick keyword search like “EV charging” or “EV charging stations” will bring up the nearest supported stations.

Desktop users will be to access the new feature in the coming weeks.

Attached Image Google says the program is smart enough to show you the specific charging networks depending on which country you’re in. If you are in America, the app will show you SemaConnect, EVgo and Blink stations while U.K. users will find that the app will bring you to a Chargemaster and Pod Point station. Globally, Tesla and Chargepoint stations will show up when you do a search.

Of course, local users will likely be directed to the nearest BlueSG station.

In addition, Google will also tell you the types of ports available, charging speeds, and how many ports there are. However, the app does not tell you how many charging points at the station are being used.

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Written by Faiming_low
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