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Manchester United Midfielder Jesse Lingard Custom Car Collection

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Fast becoming one of the most loved players at Old Trafford is Manchester United’s very own Jesse Lingard also known as ‘JLingz’ is nothing short of stylish when it comes to his choice of custom cars all in the same matt black with red trim.

Let’s take a look at his fleet of four cars worth a total of £600,000!

Lingard’s Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe - £80,000+
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This coupe does a fast 0-60 in 4 seconds with an aggressive body kit to change its front and side profile and check out that dark red Mercedes front badge. Now that’s sexy.

Lingard’s Range Rover Sport SVR - £120,000+
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A supercharged and fully loaded 4x4 with racing seats in, you guessed it. Red.

Lingard’s Bentley Bentayga £180,000+
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The newest car in his stable is a beast at a whopping 2.4 tonns able to hit speeds of 187mph.

Lingard’s Bentley Continental GT £200,000+
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Ok this guy loves his Bentleys, His favourite car has had a few mods made to it with a luxury onyx body kit and a spoiler on the boot making it look so much more aggressive.

So that’s it folks. Love them or hate them, they do know how to choose great cars!

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ER-3682 Nov 09 2018 09:41 PM

Cars in U.K. are so CHEAP,GBP600,000 [S$1.08 Million] for 4 Cars,can only buy a Ferrari 488 or Rolls Royce Ghost in S'pore.

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