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Volkswagen R Division boss says Golf R will not be electrified

By Faiming_low on 13 Mar 2019 in New model

Attached Image Just as the new Mk8 Volkswagen Golf has been spotted on the road with minimal camouflage, there is confirmation that the new Golf R will not be electrified.

In an article seen on Carscoops, Volkswagen R Division’s boss, Jost Capito has been quoted telling the journalists that the new Golf R that it’s “going to be fantastic” and that it won’t be an hybrid of any sorts.

“The crown jewel of performance in a Golf remains the Golf R. We don’t want to take hybrids to a ridiculous strength. A hybrid needs to be affordable and have an ecological reasoning. It’s not just for performance. The GTE is an alternative choice for a GTI customer, and that will remain. The performance king will remain a Golf R, and the Golf 8 R is going to be fantastic”, Capito remarked.

In the interview, Capito was also quizzed about the rumored Golf R400 which was supposed to a more extreme version of the current Golf R. He confirmed that they did actually test such a model, but eventually killed it.

“We did research and customers don’t want it”, added Capito. “They want around 300 horsepower and a price tag below €50,000 (S$76,700). To move up to 400 horsepower, you’d lose 50% of sales volume and increase the cost of ownership.”

Therefore, it might be possible to imply that the new MK8 Golf R won't be getting that much power too, with a possible 315bhp or so.

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