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Price difference between EVs and non-EVs to be gone in five years

By Faiming_low on 14 Mar 2019

Attached Image Nissan believes that price difference between (Electric Vehicles )EVs and non-EVs will be gone in the early years of the next decade.

In a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, Nissan pointed out that EVs will reach price parity with normal gasoline vehicles in 2024. In fact, Nissan reckons it might even happen earlier than that.

Speaking with Car Advice, Nissan’s global head of electric vehicles Nic Thomas said, "They estimate in 2024, in Europe, so where you have European emission regulations, you’ll get a crossover where batteries will come down below US$100 per kilowatt hour, and the price of NOx and CO2 and these things which is driving up the price of petrol and diesel engines will crossover,”

“We’re actually more confident than that. We see in the products we’re developing for the early 2020s, we would expect to see that crossover. There are many different factors involved in that. What that means is that the product we might be able to launch in the early 2020s will be a beneficiary of that lower price.”

That said, while batteries might be getting cheaper as more are produced, the raw natural materials like nickel and lithium are still subjected to market changes, possibly hindering the cost of battery production falling.

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