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This is Toyota's own mini Nurburgring

By Faiming_low on 02 May 2019

Attached Image As one of the most demanding track in the world, Toyota replicated the part of the Nuburgring in Japan to help its engineers develop its cars.

Built at the mountainous region of Shimoyama, the track is part of the company’s new research and development center and the track measures 5.3 km long and has an elevation change of 75 metres. In comparison, the Nordschliefe is 25.7km long and has an elevation change of 303 metres.

Attached Image According to Toyota, the test track includes a “wide range of curves and cambers to simulate a variety of European roads.” The company said they did this to help their engineers to develop vehicles with dynamic characteristics that will make them fun to drive and appeal to European preferences.

Other than the track, the massive 1,600 acre proving ground also compromises of a technical center tha houses development facilities, a high-speed test course and other specialty courses.

Attached Image The whole facility will be completed in March 2024. When it fully opens, the centre will employee approximately 3,300 people and about 90% of them will be directly involved in vehicle development, testing and evaluation.

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Written by Faiming_low
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