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Porsche Classic reprints driver's manual for many of its old models

By Faiming_low on 03 May 2019

Attached Image Porsche Classic has reissued more than 700 original driver’s manuals starting from the 356 all the way to the 996 generation 911.

Said to be available at all dealerships worldwide, anyone who wants to get these manuals can also purchase it on their Porsche Classic online store.

Attached Image The documents released in the reprint includes a selection of extensive technical information, settings and practical tips, ranging from the radio unit to paint data and engine numbers. Owners of these manual can also get facts and figures of the car's dimensions, tolerances, settings for the engine and chassis, with all identification details and their position illustrated and described in detail.

The reprinted booklet range also includes more than 100 warranty and maintenance booklets, as well as vehicle wallets that are true to the original.

Attached Image According to Porsche, they started digitizing their archive a few years ago as the original booklets get worn or misplaced. Each reprint matches the original version in terms of printing, look and quality.

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Written by Faiming_low
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