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Renault says its F1 cars can output more than 1,000bhp

By Faiming_low on 02 Aug 2019

Attached Image The French outfit has reached the four-figure horsepower mark for its Formula 1 car in qualifying trim.

As reported by Auto Motor und Sport, Renault engine head Remi Taffin revealed that his company is able to produce more than 1,000bhp in specific circumstances

“There are only certain performance peaks in qualifying,” he said. “We can not always get that performance. It depends on many factors. For example, the distance and the outside temperatures.”

Interesting, Renault is keen to announce how much horsepower its 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 hybrid powertrain can make unlike Mercedes or Ferrari, which aren’t so forthcoming and won’t disclose how much their own engines put out.

While it is not clear if the other teams actually have more power than Renault or not, power is not everything as Renault is still lagging behind the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing with its results.

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Written by Faiming_low
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