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Nissan refreshes GT-R Nismo for New York Auto Show

By Faiming_low on 17 Apr 2019 in New model

Attached Image Yes, the Nissan GT-R gets another round of refreshing, with the Nismo variant even more hardcore than its predecessor.


Next-generation BMW M135i leaked

By Faiming_low on 17 Apr 2019 in New model

Attached Image Here's a first look at the next-generation BMW M135i. Leaked by Bimmerfile, the new 1 Series has been spotted in the range-topping M135i guise.
bmw, m135i, 1 series


Nissan reveals all new Sylphy at Shanghai Auto Show

By Faiming_low on 16 Apr 2019 in New model

Attached Image Looking much sleeker and more refined, Nissan's all new Sylphy has been revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show featuring the family's V-motion design at the front.


Hot Mazda 3 might come true

By Faiming_low on 12 Apr 2019 in New model

Attached Image A new report has suggested a hot version of the new Mazda 3 might turn into reality. If true, the car could go on sale in 2021.


New Mini JCW GP spotted near production form

By Faiming_low on 09 Apr 2019 in New model

Attached Image MINI's range-topping John Cooper Works GP has been spotted at the Nurburgring near production form. It is rumored to get 300bhp.


Looks like Renault is going to build an even faster Megane R.S.

By Faiming_low on 28 Mar 2019 in New model

Attached Image Based on Renault's history, we can probably guess that there will be more hardcore versions of the Megane R.S. even after the Trophy variant.


Koenigsegg Jesko fully sold out

By Faiming_low on 21 Mar 2019 in New model, Motorshow, Sales report

Attached Image Koenigsegg has sold out all the slots of its latest hypercar, the Jesko. With 125 units planned, it is highest volume production run for the brand.


Toyota blast off as they announce concept lunar vehicle

By Deeq on 14 Mar 2019 in New model, New technology, Concept cars

Attached Image The Japanese auto manufacturer has teamed up with JAXA to design a lunar rover with a cruising range of 10,000km.
Toyota has joined forces with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), with the aim of producing a manned, pressurised lunar rover. Powered by a fuel cell electric drivetrain, the pair are targeting a total lunar-surface range of more than 10,000km (around 6,200 miles).
toyota, concept, lunar and 3 more...


Volkswagen R Division boss says Golf R will not be electrified

By Faiming_low on 13 Mar 2019 in New model

Attached Image Just as the new Mk8 Volkswagen Golf has been spotted on the road with minimal camouflage, there is confirmation that the new Golf R will not be electrified.


New Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV steals the show at Geneva

By Deeq on 06 Mar 2019 in New model, Motorshow

Attached Image The Alfa Romeo Tonale is a surprise addition at Geneva, with the compact SUV based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade.
alfa, alfa romeo, tonale and 1 more...


Meet the Polestar 2, Volvo’s Tesla Model 3

By Deeq on 04 Mar 2019 in New model, Hybrid/electric cars

Attached Image You probably know a bit about Polestar by now – the racing team that became Volvo’s tuning arm, that became a standalone electric performance brand in 2017. You might even have gazed longingly at the company’s first car, the Polestar 1, a 600bhp plug-in hybrid coupe costing €155,000 and limited to 1,500 units. But frankly the 1 is just eye candy - in Polestar’s masterplan, the 2 is the one that matters.
polestar, volvo, tesla


The new VW Golf GTI Mk8

By Deeq on 28 Feb 2019 in New model, Modifications, Performance kit

Attached Image Volkswagen might be on the cusp of the electric car revolution, but it’s painfully aware it needs the new 2019 Golf range to be a smash hit for those not yet ready to take the EV plunge. And its halo car - the venerable VW Golf GTI - is returning for its eighth iteration with a mission to tempt hot hatches to stay loyal to the genre.
volkswagen, golf, gti, golf gti and 1 more...


Sneak preview of the new Hyundai Sonata

By Faiming_low on 27 Feb 2019 in New model

Attached Image Here's a sneak preview of the new eighth-generation Hyundai Sonata photographed in South Korea.


Mercedes-Benz Created a Gold-Wrapped AMG GT 4-Door for the Oscars

By Deeq on 27 Feb 2019 in New model, Awards

Attached Image Hollywood's elite is dressed to the nines for the 2019 Oscars-and apparently Mercedes wanted in on the action, too. It has created a special gold version of the new AMG GT 4-Door just for the event, and it seems like Mercedes is planned to feature the car in a new movie-themed ad campaign.
mercedes, benz, gold, amg gt and 2 more...


New 631bhp Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder revealed

By Deeq on 27 Feb 2019 in New model

Attached Image Lamborghini has revealed the new Huracán Evo Spyder in full ahead of its first public sighting at the Geneva motor show next week.
lamborghini, huracán, evo, spyder and 1 more...


Here is how the new Peugeot 208 will look like

By Faiming_low on 24 Feb 2019 in New model

Attached Image Set to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motorshow 2019, here is a sneak peek of how the new Peugeot 208 will look like.


Ford unveils new Ford Focus ST with 276bhp

By Faiming_low on 20 Feb 2019 in New model

Attached Image Ford has taken the wraps off the new Ford Focus ST and it has been scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month.
ford, focus, focus st


Special 'British Green Limited' edition of the Toyota 86 launched

By Faiming_low on 13 Feb 2019 in New model

Attached Image Toyota has announced a new limited edition Toyota 86. Dubbed the ‘British Green Limited’, it is meant for the Japanese market only.


Unlikely for BMW to build an even more luxurious 7 Series

By Faiming_low on 11 Feb 2019 in New model

Attached Image BMW’s Research and Development boss Klaus Frolich says that there’s no need for BMW to build an even more luxurious 7 Series.


Online debut for new Polestar 2 sedan

By Faiming_low on 07 Feb 2019 in New model, New technology

Attached Image Polestar, Volvo’s standalone performance brand, has confirmed that it will be revealing its all electric '2' sedan at the end of the month at an online event.

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