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The unrestricted speed limit for Autobahns won't stay for long

By Faiming_low on 21 Jan 2019 in Discussions

Attached Image As Germany faces more pressure from the rest of EU to cut its transport emissions, the German government is thinking of putting a 130km/h speed limit on the unrestricted parts of its highways.
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5 of the Coolest Hipster Cars

By SGCM_editorial on 06 Jun 2018 in Motoring, Discussions

Attached Image We have searched the internet and found a couple of the coolest cars that we would love to have in our garage. Cars that we can be proud to own because of how unique they are.
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Nevada fining drivers for travelling below the speed limit in overtaking lane

By Faiming_low on 08 Aug 2017 in Discussions, Other News

Attached Image Once in a while, we will meet drivers who will be road hogging in lane 1 on the highway. As much as it is annoying, there is nothing much we can do.


A fare way to fix taxi woes

Attached Image Taxi giant ComfortDelGro says it wants to simplify cab fares. That can only be good news. There are close to 10 different flag-down rates, three different metered-fare structures, over 10 kinds of surcharges and eight types of phone-booking fees in Singapore.
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NHTSA investigates second Tesla Autopilot crash

By Faiming_low on 09 Jul 2016 in Discussions, Other News

Attached Image The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced that it will be investigating a second Tesla Autopilot related crash. The crash which happened during the first week of July, comes just after the another Autopilot related crash that happened in May.


Common mispronounced car names

By Deeq on 11 May 2016 in Discussions, Other blogs

As a "car guy"(or girl), nothing grinds your gears more than hearing a mispronounced car brand or model name. There may be some that even ‘we’ have been mispronouncing. Lets go through some of the more common mispronunciations we’ve been hearing.

Attached Image Audi: It's aw-dee, not o-dee. Like the sound you make when it hurts: aw-dee.

Attached Image Chevrolet: For a GM marque that's been around over a hundred years, you'd think there's no way people could still get Chevrolet wrong. Its shev-ro-ley.
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You are not actually creating 'smoke' when you are doing a burnout

By Faiming_low on 29 Apr 2016 in Discussions

Attached Image According to CarThrottle, you aren't creating 'smoke' when you are doing a burnout or a long drift. So, what are you creating then? Before we reveal what the answer is, do you know that if you do set a tyre on fire, the smoke produced is black in colour actually. So, why is the 'smoke' created white then?


The drive to be driverless

Attached Image The Government is all electrified about autonomous vehicles. Like governments elsewhere, it sees huge and vast potential in this new technology. And it has little to do with revenue for it.
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JD Power reckons these automotive technologies are what people want

By Faiming_low on 08 Sep 2015 in Discussions

Attached Image JD Power has complied a list of new automotive technology that most people want through its study and CNET made a video based on its findings.
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Study finds some Keyless entry systems vulnerable

By Faiming_low on 17 Aug 2015 in Discussions, Other News

Attached Image With a third Singapore-registered Honda stolen in Johor Baru within a week, those who go still want to drive in, we do hope you can spare some time to read the report done by Bloomberg on a study where some keyless vehicles have a vulnerability which affects the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) transponder chip used in immobilizers.
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Watch hackers mess with a Jeep's engine, brakes and gearbox

By Faiming_low on 24 Jul 2015 in New technology, Discussions

Attached Image We are sure not many people are aware of how easy it is for hackers to access the functions of modern cars and this video will is a good reminder of how dangerous a connected car can get if automakers don't improve the security of their increasingly connected vehicles.
hacker, online, jeep, connected


COE cycles of boom and bust

By ST_Opinion on 03 Jul 2015 in Discussions, Singapore car news

Attached Image Since its inception in 1990, the vehicle quota system has followed a 10-year peak-and-trough cycle, where the annual supply of certificates of entitlement (COEs) could vary from 20,000 to 100,000.
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The politics and costs of high-speed rail project

Attached Image HERE’S a note of caution about highspeed rail (HSR) projects.
The one planned for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and estimated to cost $14.9 billion, has been hailed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong as a “game-changer”. The two prime ministers gave the green light to South-east Asia’s first HSR project two years ago. Once operational, the 300kmh train service will significantly reduce travelling time between the two capitals to 90 minutes, shorter than that of even low-cost air carriers.
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New bus model raises hopes for better service

Attached Image THERE was a public uproar last year when former Public Transport Council chairman Gerard Ee said in an interview with The Straits Times that if commuters wanted better service, they should just pay for it.
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Greater KL said to lose RM20 million annually due to congestions

By Faiming_low on 19 Jun 2015 in Discussions, Other News

Attached Image According to carlist.my, It’s not just stress and wasted petrol that accumulates in crawling traffic. These congestions  are also causing Greater Kuala Lumpur (defined as an area covered by 10 municipalities surrounding Kuala Lumpur, each governed by local authorities) a drop of between 1.1 to 2.2 percent from Malaysia’s 2014 gross domestic product.
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vCashCard offers a hassle-free driving experience

Attached Image
NETS and LTA (The Land Transport Authority) have officially launched vCashCard, a virtual wallet that enables customers to pay for ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) charges. Motorists need not fret if they have forgotten to insert a CashCard when they pass an operational gantry as the full amount will be deducted from their debit/credit cards or via their bank accounts.
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This owner wants a Civic Type R pretty badly

By Faiming_low on 05 May 2015 in Discussions

Attached Image What if your head tells you that you can only afford a Mitsubishi Lancer GLX but your heart is beating for a Honda Civic Type R? This owner might have an answer that.
fd2r, cs3, mitsubishi, lancer and 3 more...


Having a lowered ride: Cool or uncool?

By Faiming_low on 26 Apr 2015 in Discussions

Attached Image According to Stomp, a Singapore-based online journalism web portal where readers are encouraged to contribute interesting news, a lowered Mitsubishi Lancer was seen needing help crossing a speed bump near Gek Poh Shopping Centre in Jurong West.
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Analysing train breakdowns, line by line

Attached Image WHEN the relatively new car you drive keeps breaking down, you can look to only two possible reasons. One, you have not been maintaining it well; two, it was not made well.
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Why Singapore still needs more cars

By ST_Opinion on 23 Mar 2015 in Discussions

Attached Image When the COE system was just four years old in 1994, well-respected transport and behavioural economist Anthony Chin predicted that, in time, only top earners in Singapore would be able to afford cars.
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