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The BMW M8 Competition is MotoGP's 616bhp safety car

By Deeq on 20 Aug 2019 in Motorsports

Attached Image BMW has been supplying safety cars to MotoGP for 20 years now, and its latest is this M8 Competition. It debuted at the weekend’s race in Austria – where Andrea Dovizioso recorded a vital win to keep in touch with Marc Marquez in the rider standings – thus starting its role in the job partway through a season.
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Ford dealer is U.S. offering a Mustang with Gulf livery (and 808 horsepower)

By Deeq on 19 Aug 2019 in New model

Attached Image A Tennessee-based Ford dealership specializing in Roush-tuned Mustangs has developed a real corker to celebrate this year's 50th anniversary of when a GT40 in Gulf Oil livery won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That was back in 1969, though the same car, also wearing the Gulf Oil livery, was also a winner at the 1968 24 Hours of Le Mans.
mustang, gulf, ford


Is the BMW B58 engine a good alternative to Toyota's 2JZ?

By Faiming_low on 19 Aug 2019

Attached Image By now, tuning companies and engine builders should have gotten their hands on the Toyota's new sports car, the Supra. So is its new BMW-sourced engine good enough for big power numbers?
bmw, b58, toyota, 2jz, engine


Owner installs chip from Model 3 into her arm for easy entry

By Faiming_low on 15 Aug 2019 in New technology, Videos

Attached Image A software engineer has successfully implanted into her forearm her Tesla Model 3's keycard chip. she can now enter her car by simply waving her arm near the car’s sensors.


It is not alright to mix budget tyres with expensive ones on your car

By Faiming_low on 14 Aug 2019

Attached Image There might be times when you feel like you don't want to spend too much on tyres, or if the workshop you are in does not have the tyre size you need, which could then lead or force you to pair budget tyres with expensive ones on your car.


Mercedes-AMG's hypercar delivery dates might be pushed back

By Faiming_low on 13 Aug 2019 in New model

Attached Image Deliveries of Mercedes-AMG's hypercar, One has been reportedly delayed till 2021 as there are ongoing difficulties in making the engine suitable for street use.


Alpina against possible end of de-restricted autobahns

By Faiming_low on 11 Aug 2019 in New technology, Other News

Attached Image As one of the manufacturers that make their cars some of the fastest in the world, Alpina is against possible end of de-restricted autobahns.


Independent safety organisation says knee airbags not really useful

By Faiming_low on 11 Aug 2019 in Safety

Attached Image Do knee airbags provide any safety benefits to the drivers and front-seat passengers? Not really, says America's Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).


Porsche says its Taycan can do 30 consecutive launches with no issues

By Faiming_low on 10 Aug 2019 in Videos

Attached Image Jonny Smith of The Fully Charged Show has been given the chance to behind the wheel of the new first Porsche all electric car - the Taycan.


Longtail variant of the McLaren 720S to come

By Faiming_low on 08 Aug 2019 in New model

Attached Image With the McLaren 720S variant a couple of years old and probably halfway into its product life cycle, there is talk that the British company is working on a Longtail (LT) version of it.


Is the new Mercedes-AMG A 45 S a better car than its predecessor?

By Faiming_low on 07 Aug 2019 in Videos

Attached Image The new Mercedes-AMG A 45 S is not going to be the most affordable hot hatch on sale when it comes into town. So is it better than before?


Six new RS models from Audi Sport

By Faiming_low on 06 Aug 2019 in New model

Attached Image Audi has released a teaser image showing six upcoming models in celebration of the 25th anniversary of its RS models.


Eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf spotted without camoflauge

By Faiming_low on 05 Aug 2019 in New model

Attached Image This might be the first few photos of the actual car shot without its camouflage on. The car was photographed recently at its own commercial shoot.


What is the most modern technology used in internal combustion engines?

By SGCM_editorial on 05 Aug 2019 in New technology, Engine

Attached Image The most modern technology used in internal combustion engines currently is Variable compression ratio engine ( VCR ).
vc-turbo, variable compression and 1 more...


This is how the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 went faster on the 'Ring

By Faiming_low on 04 Aug 2019 in Other News, Videos

Attached Image Jaguar has published the onboard video of its recent record-breaking XE SV Project 8 Nurburgring lap.


Next BMW M3 will have at least 473bhp

By Faiming_low on 03 Aug 2019

Attached Image Here are some more updates for fans of the BMW M3. BMW M boss Markus Flasch has confirmed that the car will have the same new S58 engine that the German company is using in its X3 M and X4 M.


Renault says its F1 cars can output more than 1,000bhp

By Faiming_low on 02 Aug 2019

Attached Image The French outfit has reached the four-figure horsepower mark for its Formula 1 car in qualifying trim.


Michael Schumacher making progress in his recovery

By Faiming_low on 01 Aug 2019

Attached Image The president of the FIA, Jean Todt, has revealed that Michael Schumacher is making good progress in his recovery. The champion had a near-fatal skiing accident in 2013.


Future Mercedes-AMG products will have to be quieter

By Faiming_low on 31 Jul 2019 in Modifications, Engine

Attached Image Unfortunate news for the fans of Mercedes-AMG's intoxicating exhaust note. The German company has admitted that its future performance cars won’t be as loud as those in the past as noise regulations kick in.


New Opel Corsa is the most aerodynamic car in its class

By Faiming_low on 30 Jul 2019 in New model, New technology

Attached Image With a a drag coefficient of 0.29 and a frontal area of only 2.13 square metres, the new Opel Corsa is the most aerodynamic car in its segment.

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