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Welcome to MacRitchie Reservoir... to pay!

Welcome to MacRitchie Reservoir... to pay!



How do you feel when you see VW rims on Skoda?  

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was heading to MacRitchie Reservoir (MR) for a good run. As I was driving into the carpark, I was unpleasantly surprised to be greeted by a saluting gantry.


MR is a beautiful park where families like to go for a weekend stroll. I am not sure why National Parks (NPs) decide to charge for parking now as the renovated carpark was free of charge all along. The probable reason could be that NPs is trying to recover the cost of renovating the toilet and drop-off point area. I believe that some families would think twice about spending a weekend at MR now. From what I can observe that morning, the carpark occupancy easily dropped about 20%.


Referring to the parking charges below, even Sunday parking is chargeable. I hope that the relevant authorities can reconsider making Sunday parking free of charge (like Lower Pierce Reservoir) to encourage families to come together and enjoy a healthy activity at the park.




I paid about $3.10 for parking at MR on that Saturday morning, which could have bought me a decent meal at a hawker centre. Going forward, running at MR shall become a rarity for me....


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trust me.. when the other parks getting more renovated... soon all parks all places ... will be charging to let u park...


singaporeans like to complaint, as u see here say pierce reservior no charge.. soon they will go there to erect one more..as we complaint more...


u want better facilities , pay lor...

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It's not that bad, $1.20/hour.


Could be that some people park there the whole day and take a bus to work...

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Authorities only know how to charge and forget what life is all about... Places like this, they also want to implement parking charges... What a failure...

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there was a docum on TV before on this. partly its due to XXX hospital opposite using MR carpark as staff carpark since its own carpark is for customers and they need to pays for season parking. of course staff chose a free parking just across the road. even staff bus/van home transport use this as berth. this robs genuine park users.


oh, the hospital operates on Sunday too...


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erm...what's wrong for the need to [pay for CP? It is not as if there a entry fee for the parks??? If there are then something may be wrong for collecting premium for parks...but for CP...what is the comotion all abt? Think there is bus stop outside the reservoir...else, just pay for the facility needed...right? Why blame agencies for this?

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car owners pay season parking for lots below their HDB flats right? Same philosopy?

Pay for what you need to use and nothing wrong right?


why should the non-driving taxpayers pay for drivers like us facility that we utilise only because we need the convenience of a car than taking public transport?



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We are car owners. Nothing wrong to complain when what was previously free is now chargable.

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Sooner or later this blog becomes like Stomp.

Anyway, pay also good. I hope they increase the price higher though. This should stop people from driving and pollute the nice park.

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i am a regular user at MR. this may irk some car owners but i support the move to charge.


i car pool with frens to MR. reason: why go in 4 cars when we can go in 1. save the env.


i hv seen grps of 3 to 10, each driving their own car and that was as early as 6am. by 7, all lots are full.


users of this c/p shld realise tht after 9am on a sunday, u can hardly get in, not to mention getting a lot.


for those who have been regulars at MR b4 and after the make-over, u will realise there was never a gantry. i strongly believe there are some complaints that got them to do this.


i guess it is normal for one to complain. however, being objective, we shld see the reason/s behind it. ask yrself this question: if you are the authorities, wat will u do?

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i think carpark charges also apply to botanical gardens and that put me off from visiting

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For people who own cars, if they are going to MacRitchie Reservoir, they will naturally drive there as they would be prepared to work up a sweat there. Its not nice to take public transport or other people's car if you are hot, sweaty, sticky and stinky right?


By charging for parking there, it will discourage usage of the parks. If there are seriously trying to address the concern of free-loaders the nearby hospital, they should just follow the Macdonald's solution. Make the first 2 hours free. Park users normally spend less than 2 hours there anyway.

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Are our authorities too trigger happy when it comes to charging? Or is it a case of following blindly wat other agencies are doing

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Singapore is the best place on Earth.... only if you have a lot of money.

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Very soon, parking in all parks would be chargable, incluyding Pierce Reservoir and Bt Timah Hill.


I am surprised that there's parking charges implemented for Jurong Hill which is always a ghost town.

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