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Turbocharged Subaru BRZ is now confirmed

Turbocharged Subaru BRZ is now confirmed



Initially when the Subaru BRZ was released recently, Subaru announced that there will be no turbocharged version of their BRZ model. Many in the automotive world were left disappointed. Some felt that it would be a waste for Subaru not to release a powerful version of the car.



Furthermore Subaru is known for their expertise in turbocharged engines and since the BRZ is using a boxer engine, that piece of news make it even more disappointing. Just before Subaru showed the BRZ to the world, they said that the car will have less than 300bhp. But eventually it was offered with the same engine and same power specifications as the 86.


But latest reports have shown that Subaru will eventually release a turbocharged version of the BRZ. Subaru of America has announced that they are planning on building a turbo version of the boxer engine used in the BRZ in order to create a BRZ Turbo model.



Subaru will work on the FA20 boxer engine which is being built at the Oizumi engine manufacturing plant, the same plant where Toyota

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