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"R" you ready for hot VWs ?

"R" you ready for hot VWs ?

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At the European driving event for the Volkswagen Golf R, company representatives confirmed that they would be setting up a new performance orientated division, named the R division, to compete with other similar divisions such as the BMW M division and Mercedes's AMG.


R GmbH, a limited liability company, will be set up inside the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. In addition to representing the sportiest models in the VW range, it will be an expanded version of the VW Individual programme, which currently offers sporty add-on accessories and styling components under the R-Line brand in Europe. The division will be officially confirmed at the Volkswagen presentation during the Geneva Motor Show in March.



The new company will sell the 266-horsepower Volkswagen Golf R, and the similarly-powered Volkswagen Scirocco R. The rumored Jetta R Sport would probably also be sold through the new company.



A few months ago, BMW announced a dedicated showroom for its M division offerings in Singapore. This is a concept that Volkswagen Centre Singapore may wish to emulate to further enhance the brand's image locally, following the introduction of the R division.

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    Since young, our parents will constantly remind us time and time again to always check for traffic before attempting to cross the road.  Unfortunately, all these bits of advice seem to enter and exit this jogger's ears, without the organ in between his ears retaining any advice.  Watch this short clip to find out why: What Happened? The cam car and a Toyota Harrier formed up on the left lane of a two carriageway road.  A man clad in a perspiration-soaked Army singlet walks along the pavement from a distance. As he approaches the cam car and Toyota Harrier, the traffic light turns green in both cars' favour.  Instead of stopping by the grass patch and checking for oncoming traffic, the man simply hops onto the road and attempts to illegally dash across the road. At this moment, a Toyota Prius drives past the cam car and almost collides with the pedestrian.  As a result, the pedestrian performs an "e-brake" to stop himself and does an odd dance-like action. Luckily, the oncoming Toyota Prius also performed an e-brake and avoided colliding with the pedestrian.  After this encounter, the pedestrian takes his own sweet time and nonchalantly "jogs" across the road while navigating around several vehicles.  Too Shag To Think Logically? Is saving those few minutes spent waiting for the green man so important that it is more important than one's life? The more time I spend dwelling on this incident, the more ridiculous this pedestrian becomes.  Netizens' Comments No wonder he got the audacity to perform such an act. Looking at his face, I think he just woke up lah.  During National Service, he's the type of guy that your Encik will call blur f@#k!!     ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA