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Ever wondered what happens when a F1 car makes out with a F-22 Raptor fighter jet?

Ever wondered what happens when a F1 car makes out with a F-22 Raptor fighter jet?

How do you feel when you see VW rims on Skoda?  

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Talk about a Formula 1 car for the road, and I get instantly reminded of the Caparo T1. I mean it was designed by F1 designers and it does, mostly look like an F1 racer.



Have you ever wondered what could be the end result if an F1 car got mashed together with a F-22 fighter jet? Well the Spanish have the answer.


Meet the Advanced Design Tramontana, a car that weighs around, 1224kg, which feels a little heavy considering that it contains alot of carbon fiber and magnesium.


Powering this road plane is 5.5-litre twin-turbo V12 sourced from Mercedes-Benz which is good for 750bhp and 1098Nm of torque. All that power moves the rear wheels through a six-speed gearbox.



Now there is a newer faster version, the a.d. Tramontana XTR. The Spanish manufacturer has released a couple of renderings, besides info that the XTR will be powered by a new 5.5-litre twin-turbo V12 with 888bhp and 678 pound-feet of torque. A new "ultra-rapid competition gearbox," is rumoured to be installed as well.



The mid-engined, rear-driven XTR has an enhanced appearance, and will be yours for 420,000 euros. Only a dozen units are expected to be built per year.


Picture credit: Autoblog






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