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Offer COE subsidy for young family with kids

Offer COE subsidy for young family with kids






The headline of The Straits Times on 27 October 2012 reads,


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Sg young ppl are a naive lot. If you want gahment to give you something be expected that they will be taking back more. Ppl in the past could not afford a car but yet they survived.

There are neighbourhood child-cares all over Sg, try them as it will help ease peak hour traffic. In case of emergencies there's always taxis and ambulance service. Dangling carrots to encourage ppl to have children is not a good idea anyway. Having a child is a lifetime commitment, there will be ups and downs. The idea of encouraging couples to have children so that they can receive car subsidies is wrong. It will only add to their financial burden.

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If COE subsidy is applicable for family with kids, so do accommodation, food, medical...The list will go on and on. Singapore will end up having more of the newborns with less well-off parents making decisions primarily based on the amount of benefits they are going to get from having the children. This is adverse selection.


And how about parents who get this COE subsidy and then sell off the car to cash out the profit (like some HDB owners selling their flats to make money)? So, we are going to introduce minimum holding period for these cars too? What if their parents divorce? Are we going to force them to sell of the car with COE subsidy? Or we will give 1 more COE subsidy according to your logic?

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Lol wads the point of having kids and worrying about getting a car?


f--k, might else well dun give birth? As for me, it is not viable and wise to have kids in Sg. Every single f--k s--t is damn expensive and Fts snatching jobs left right center.



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Stupid Article.

I'm just wondering what criteria enables people to publish articles?

It's amazing that people who are allowed to publish articles publish not facts but opinions.

What is even more disturbing is that these opinions contain several loopholes which can easily be exploited.

Perhaps these people who are allowed to publish articles should exercise discretion when publishing articles.

This will help to reduce the amount of junk that is already apparent in MCF.

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flawed article. really amazes me how such articles can be published without going thru a basic review

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Do you have any friends or relative that managed to raise a family without a car?

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