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Kia aims to be a premium automotive brand

Kia aims to be a premium automotive brand



Kia Motors, South Korea's second largest auto manufacturer has been making automobiles for quite sometime. They first started making re-badged Mazda Familia during the 1970s.



It was only during the late 1980s that Kia started manufacturing vehicles extensively and by the early 1990s, you could virtually see a Kia vehicle in almost every major market.


Fast forward to today, the company is fast moving into the upscale region and it is not surprising when the company announced that they are aiming to be a premium global automotive brand.


During a recent function where the company's top dealers and distributors met, Kia Motors' president, Lee Hyoung Keun announced the company's five-year target and its goal is to be on the same level with European and Japanese premium auto brands.


Mr. Lee also mentioned that the company will develop ever-more sophisticated vehicles that customers will aspire to own. He also confirmed that the company has set a target of exporting 2.21 million units of vehicles to overseas market. This is an increase of 8.3 percent over the 2.04 million units sold last year.


If you were to ask me, this goal that Kia Motors are trying to achieve is hugely possible.


Just take a look at Kia's current models. They are very much more aesthetically pleasing, compared to its older models. Kia's ever increasing popularity is basically built on its stylish new designs and at the same time, it has made Kia one of the fastest growing auto brands.


The company has previously stated that one of its priorities is to improve the quality and technology featured in its cars and hopefully that this will help in brand perception. When Kia meets its five-year target, we will have to see at which new level the automaker has reached and at the rate they are going; I have a strong feeling that Kia will surpass some Japanese auto companies.

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