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Grooming and protecting to the finest detail



You have just bought yourself a brand new car and the glossy finish on the car is alluring. However, over time, you realise that swirl marks start to appear and the paintwork has started to lose its shine.


Have you ever wondered how to protect and enhance the 'skin' of your car? Allow Elite Image Detailing to advise you.


Who is Elite Image Detailing and what are some of the products and services they offer?



Elite Image Detailing was founded in 2012 and has become one of the leading grooming service providers in Singapore. Although it is fairly new in the industry, it has worked its way up quickly to achieve its current position today.


Elite Image Detailing offers a wide array of grooming services, the most popular being their paint protection services such as the Elite Crystal Quartz Glass Coating Paint Protection which is a fluorine-based coating that rapidly forms a covalent bond with the paint surface. This results in a solid coating layer that changes the contact angle between the surface and water which gives the object a strong hydrophobic and water resistant effect.



Other popular services and products range from various grooming packages that are catered to suit different needs to the Elite Crystal Shine Wash that features the latest waterless car wash technology with gentle lubricating agents that help to emulsify and remove dirt, allowing the car to shine amazingly in just thirty minutes.


More notably, Elite Image Detailing carries its exclusive EliteID range of car grooming products, imported from Germany that meets the highest standards in car polishing.


Elite Image Detailing is also an authorised retailer for internationally acclaimed SWISSVAX car care products from Switzerland.


What are the advantages of using Elite Image Detailing's products and services?


You may have seen the glistering shine on cars at road shows, events or motor shows. While waxing may be suitable for show cars, the reason for that is because these cars are rarely parked in the hot sun all day long.


Yes, the average car wax can be a great option to offer instant shine, but there are a few shortcomings that consumers may not be aware of and using car wax alone is not enough.


Firstly, car wax is simply, and predominantly, made of wax and it is also a well known fact that wax melts with heat. Excess heat on waxed paintwork results in the softening of the wax. Therefore the paintwork loses its shine and is more prone to entrapping contaminants.



As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure". If you haven't started protecting your car from day one - a good system like the Elite Crystal Quartz Glass Coating Paint Protection - should be able to improve your car considerably with a notable difference and also continue to protect your car in the long run.


The main feature of this unique paint protection system is that it offers surface resistance to corrosion, fading, oxidation, UV rays, pollution, road salt and acid rain.


Crystal Quartz Glass Coating Paint Protection also protects and enhances the shine on your car, making the car a breeze to wash.



After the application of Elite Crystal Quartz Paint Protection on your car, you can be rest assured that the high gloss stays gleaming for a long time. As a result, the resale value for a brand new car will be preserved and vice versa, increased for a used car.


Why Elite Image Detailing?



Having established its name in the car grooming industry both locally and regionally, business is taking off well for Elite Image Detailing. Elite Image Detailing has also established its presence overseas by supplying EliteID products to Malaysia as well as franchising operations in Myanmar.


If you are unsure of what your vehicle needs, or curious about any improvements that can be made, a vehicle paint correction assessment is a good way to give you a sneak peek into the world of paint correction.


The history of your vehicle will be discussed, followed by a comprehensive inspection for paint defects and lastly, a small area on your vehicle will be tested to determine the best paint correction method to be utilised.



The professional team at Elite Image Detailing also pays attention to their customers' maintenance preference and gives them advice and recommendations to achieve the ultimate protection and long lasting shine. Their dedication and professionalism can be proven via several testimonials by their customers.


A satisfied customer, Mr Allen Ho, who sent in his Mercedes-Benz E200 for grooming, commented on Elite Image Detailing

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