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All new C-Class loses weight and gains upmarket treatment from Mercedes-Benz

All new C-Class loses weight and gains upmarket treatment from Mercedes-Benz

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According to Mercedes-Benz, the new C-Class adopts a progressive approach with its clear yet emotional design and its elegant interior. And I can't really deny. The all new C-Class seems to be a major departure from its forefathers. It looks serious yet more focused, modern and rich. The C-Class is the biggest selling model series from the German marque and launch models will initially comprise the C180, the C200 and the C220 BlueTEC.



The all new C-Class now measures 4,686mm long and sits 1,810mm wide with a 2,840mm wheelbase. In profile view, a long bonnet, a passenger compartment set well back and short overhangs define the C-Class's classic, well balanced Mercedes-Benz sedan proportions. Large wheels emphasise the rear and communicate a stylishly sporty character.



There is a choice of two different faces. A sporty fascia with a centrally positioned star or the classic sedan radiator grille featuring the Mercedes star on the bonnet – limited to the Exclusive line.





While halogen headlamps are standard, two energy-saving LED variants are available - a static system and a dynamic version with ‘LED Intelligent Light System’. The light signature will no doubt mesmerise onlookers and fellow commuters on the road.



The Mercedes-Benz designers have styled the interior on a level with the carefully chosen high-class materials and their pleasant touch and feel as well as the precision of the finely crafted details



The driver and front passenger enjoy plenty of space and luxury while Mercedes claims settling into one’s seat in the C-Class is akin to the uplifting feeling of being upgraded from economy to business class on a commercial jetliner - although that probably depends on which airline you are talking about doesn't it?



A free-standing 7-inch wide central display dominates the centre console while a larger 8.4-inch wide screen is installed when specified with the COMAND Online system.



Five round metallic air vents lend the dashboard a sporty touch and adds contrast to the warm look of the other materials – such as the wood in the centre console or the leather on the dashboard. The innovative touchpad in the handrest over the Controller and a head-up display are new additions to the C-Class range.



Thanks to intelligent and innovative lightweight construction, the aluminium hybrid body is around 70kg lighter and aids in reducing the vehicle's overall weight by around 100kg. The lightweight construction cuts fuel consumption by up to 20 percent without any loss of performance, while at the same time enabling a lower centre of gravity, for a noticeably sporty and agile handling.



Three engine variants are available at the market launch – a diesel in the guise of the C220BlueTEC and the two petrol models, C180 and C200.



Five four-cylinder petrol engines rated from 156bhp to 238bhp will be available, including the special C180 ECO Edition. A six-cylinder petrol engine rated at 333bhp will follow in due course. The diesel engines will cover an output range from 115bhp to 204bhp. The C220 BlueTEC will also be optionally available with an output of 170bhp as the BlueEFFICIENCY Edition.



A new small diesel engine with a displacement of 1.6-litre will also be added to the range. Depending on its configuration, the supercharged four-cylinder engine generates 115bhp or 136bhp of power and delivers 280Nm or 320Nm of torque.



The new C-Class is also the only vehicle in the segment to offer tunnel detection via satellite navigation. It uses the map information from the navigation system and the GPS location data to close the air recirculation flap automatically when the vehicle enters a tunnel, subsequently re-opening it when the vehicle emerges from the tunnel.



The new C-Class is also equipped with a unique avant-garde acoustic system while a Burmester surround sound system is optionally available.

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Nice nice nice! Very nice. But how's the price?

My jaws dropped when C&C launched the new S-Class at $447,888 for the base model.

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