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Volkswagen Golf R to get less horses due to the new WLTP

Volkswagen Golf R to get less horses due to the new WLTP

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blogentry-133713-0-61035400-1530864090_thumb.jpgVolkswagen's Golf R, which has been facelifted this year, was given 10bhp more in its current guise. But with the new WLTP coming into effect, Volkswagen has no choice but to remove the added horses.


Also known as the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure, it is the latest test that measures emissions based on real-world data rather than the current lab analysis of the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).


To make sure the Golf R complies with the new emissions standards that will kick in in September, Volkswagen has fitted a new exhaust system to the Golf R. Sadly with the cleaner exhaust, Autocar says that the hot hatch will output 296bhp instead of 306bhp.


Unfortunately, customers who have yet to get their cars, will have to have their exhaust systems swapped out to the revised ones also.

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