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The unrestricted speed limit for Autobahns won't stay for long

The unrestricted speed limit for Autobahns won't stay for long

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blogentry-133713-0-39479000-1548068609_thumb.jpgAs Germany faces more pressure from the rest of EU to cut its transport emissions, the German government is thinking of putting a 130km/h speed limit on the unrestricted parts of its highways.


As reported by Reuters, the committee, The National Platform on the Future of Mobility, has come up with a few recommendations to help Germany meet EU’s emissions targets.


Other than the aforementioned highway speed limit implementation, fuel taxes is set to increase from 2023 and tax breaks for diesel vehicles will end. Along with quotas for electric and hybrid cars, these measures could deliver half of the greenhouse gas emissions cuts that are needed.


However, it is unlikely that all of these laws will be imposed as the committee is aware that many of its proposals might prove unpopular with drivers as well as politicians who worry that Germany's automotive industry could be hurt in the process.

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Then the Germans no need to buy 6,8 or 12 Cyls Cars..

Germans are not American. They dont invest in mutiple cylinder cars. In fact, most cars in Germany are diesel powered.

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