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Mercedes-Benz Created a Gold-Wrapped AMG GT 4-Door for the Oscars

Mercedes-Benz Created a Gold-Wrapped AMG GT 4-Door for the Oscars


Hollywood's elite is dressed to the nines for the 2019 Oscars-and apparently Mercedes wanted in on the action, too. It has created a special gold version of the new AMG GT 4-Door just for the event, and it seems like Mercedes is planned to feature the car in a new movie-themed ad campaign.


Mercedes tweeted out a fake movie poster called "Love Altar" that features this gold-wrapped AMG GT 4-Door, and it also shared behind-the-scenes footage of the shiny gold wrap being applied to the car. We haven't seen the ad yet, but we'll post it as soon as it airs.


If you don't recognize this offering from Mercedes-Benz's high-performance AMG lineup, that's because it's a new addition. Spun off from the AMG GT sports coupe, the AMG GT 4-Door uses the same platform as the E-class and sets out to provide a bit more practicality-thanks to its four-door hatchback shape-without sacrificing too much performance. The entry point is a GT53 model with a turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six engine producing 429 horsepower, while the GT63 ups the ante to a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V-8 with 577 horsepower. The GT63 S sits at the tippy-top with its uptuned 630-hp version of that same engine. All-wheel drive is standard across the board. Pricing for the GT63 models ranges from $137,495 to $159,995; the GT53's price hasn't been announced yet.


Mercedes isn't the only car company making inroads at this year's Oscars. Cadillac is a major sponsor of the show.




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