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Possible new variant for Honda Civic Type R

Possible new variant for Honda Civic Type R

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Is Honda readying the facelifted Honda Civic Type R with new parts? Or could this be a lightweight special from the Japanese company?


As reported by Carscoops, two prototype Civic Type Rs has been spotted being pushed to its limits on Nurburgring. A white coloured unit sporting a different bumper all round has been spotted before, signaling a forthcoming facelift and a yellow one shown here that is more interesting.blogentry-133713-0-70689900-1556016774.thumb.jpg.06b38285447a8aa6fe1dff7c15dff04c.jpgblogentry-133713-0-03323900-1556016778.thumb.jpg.71f3bebb1ab8d47f9e3197315660770c.jpg

Featuring a fully camouflaged roof and camouflaged air intake in the bonnet, these are signs that could point to Honda preparing for a lightweight variant of its hot hatch. It is also known that Honda is willing to add more variants to the civic if there is a demand for it.

As of now, it is anyone's guess on what those camouflaged photos of the Civic Type R means but Honda fans would not need to wait too long as Honda is expected to introduce the updated Civic Type R late this year.

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