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Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks customers buying EV

Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks customers buying EV

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is keen to push people to buy Electric Vehicles and has come out with a funny prank to convince car buyers to get an EV.


In partnership with American company ElectricForAll, the movie star released a video on YouTube with him disguised as a car salesman. He then approaches those looking to buy electric cars and suggests that they should opt for a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle instead.


In one instance, a couple wanted a new Nissan Leaf but he took out a Hummer instead, revving its engine and spewing pollution into the air. Of course, the customers were not pleased but it was pretty funny.


There are more funny examples in the video but we shall let you watch the rest of the three minute plus video to find out. All in all, it’s a pretty fun way to promote EVs by highlighting some of the downsides of conventional petrol-powered cars.


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About time our policy makers got the joke. Cos we are the joke if we keep supporting fossil fuel engines. Who care if Jurong Island costs a 100 billion dollars. Our future and survival is worth more.

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