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Three-year old crashed into by PMD at void deck. Is anywhere safe from the PMD menace?

Three-year old crashed into by PMD at void deck. Is anywhere safe from the PMD menace?

Traffic accidents can be horrific to witness. Thanks to PMDs, that horror is now brought right to our doorstep.

Garnell Glenn Bernard shared this video footage on Facebook, caught on CCTV camera after his child was hit by a PMD travelling at a quoted 17km/h.


The little girl wanders onto the corridor...


Before being collided into by the PMD rider. In the video you can clearly see the the PMD rider was thrown off the device at high speed, as well as the fact that he had plenty of time to slow down, if he was riding at a safe speed that is.


Panic naturally ensues.

And the location of the incident? Right at the corridor of his block.

Thankfully the little girl only suffered a minor injury to her thigh.

Many here should already be familiar with the fact the PMD use has been banned along common HDB areas, but it seems like enforcement is going to be difficult due to their already widespread use.

Watch the full video and share with us what you think below!


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Ban. 🤣 

With the 2 month grace period (Sept 1 to Oct 31) for first time offender it will just be a warning.

The CB kia still can ask, "Why can’t I ride here?". That's how aware fxxkers are with the ban.



An e-scooter crashed into a toddler at a void deck on Sunday evening, mere metres from a notice warning users they can no longer ride in common areas of Housing Board blocks.

19yo PMD rider who just couldnt give a damn. 

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while now it is still not an offence to ride in a void deck,  ridding recklessly or carelessly yes, so the authority should do something to punish this guy, otherwise, we can expect to see similar incidents again........and again. 


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Where is that planning that our leaders have talked about? It seemed like certain transport related businesses kick start before regulatory measures set in. 

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13 hours ago, Windwaver said:

Thought rider denied he hit kid but the wall instead?

Apparently the child's father has decided to file a police report about the incident after the PMD rider accused the mother of lying about the incident to reporters. Not exactly the best PR for the PMD cause right now

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4 hours ago, clarencegi75 said:

Apparently the child's father has decided to file a police report about the incident after the PMD rider accused the mother of lying about the incident to reporters. Not exactly the best PR for the PMD cause right now

This rider not just a menace but also no balls to own up his mistake.

I wonder what school he's from:wut:

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