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The reason why people think Singaporeans are cheap

The reason why people think Singaporeans are cheap



A recent Roads.sg video of two men using super unorthodox techniques to fill up a gas tank has caught the attention of many Singaporeans.

At the time of writing this article, the post has since garnered over 100 comments (I’ll share some at the end of this article) which are pretty one-sided.   

Here’s the video if you haven’t already seen it. If you have, watch it again. It' bloody hilarious!

Video from Roads.sg YouTube Channel

Confirm Singaporean

According to the Roads.sg video description, this incident occurred across the causeway.



Screenshot from Roads.sg YouTube Channel

The owner of what we believe to be a 2016 Toyota Vios, is definitely a Singaporean. I can say this with assurance because I've pumped petrol in J.B. before and you only ever see Singaporeans do stupid shit like this while Malaysians laugh at us.

765336893_2016UsedVios.thumb.jpg.f3deac370f19f04cfc924c13e2d6651d.jpgThe back of the car looks similar!

Do you save money in the end?

If you're not too familiar with what is going on, the logic is simple. Bubbles are formed when you pump petrol in your car and these bubbles take up precious space in your fuel tank that could go to more fuel. Therefore, if you shake your car, the bubbles will dissipate, allowing you to get more petrol and more savings.


Alright, you might save a couple of bucks, but the repercussions don't make sense to me.

Not worth it

You will eventually wreck your rear suspension which is not cheap to repair.

You look like an idiot

You give Singaporeans a bad name

You will kena caught on video like this guy and, everyone will know you for the wrong reasons


What the people say



The answer is nothing. You saved nothing.




Pretty sure he is.


Facebook comments taken from Roads.sg Facebook Page

That’s funny af.


Recommended Comments

Penny wise Pound foolish


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Totally unprofessional !!! He should rock side way lor, not up and down.  I get extra 6L or 18L from forst tick.


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Sometimes, it is so depressing to know that humans, being given a gifted mind compared to all the other living creatures,  could actually scoop so low to do stupid things like this.

Is this really doing to save  money, or simply for gratification sake that he knows he managed to squeeze in more petrol? 



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If the situation is really as difficult as what they portray... I think it's best for such folks to not own a car. It's clearly indicated that they have no means. 

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I guess that it is not about rich enough to drive, it is about poor "thinking". I know guys driving big big cars and acting so cheap. May be that they are saving money this way to stay rich!


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There is nothing wrong with being cheap and trying to save a few dollars if you are living hand to mouth and losing face is not an issue if you have very thick skin. But this shaking is totally useless and it does not increase the amount of petrol that can be pumped so it only shows that some Singaporeans are not only poor but also very stupid.

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