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A new tester, a new format, and the new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake!

A new tester, a new format, and the new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake!




That's right!

We are back and with us today is a whole new tester! Let's give a warm welcome to our resident Journalist, Idris!

This new video is adopting a whole new format, so let's see what the two get up to in the new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake!


Seems like both of our testers are properly impressed by Mercedes' MBUX system, but it seems like there's something else about this car that has Idris tickled?


But of course, the reason why you would get this is because of the boot and the added practicality!



Does the added practicality compromise the handling prowess of the Mercedes CLA?


Idris takes it for a spin to find out, and you can discover for yourself if you should opt for the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake in the full video here!

Tell us what you think about the new format!

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Good stuff👍🏼

Thanks Julian for putting all dis together.

Always reckon,SG can put up one of dis,I having watching bobby from across the water for quite a while.

I’m quite a fan boy of the marques so whatever u say ,i’m IN !

I was down @ see&see after CNY (always some sort of promo around dat time)

Checking out dat new toy(juzz came in).

First thing,turn me off.

where is the rear aircon ?

I was asking the sales ppl ,is there a box in the option list where potential buyer can tick,or is there a higher spec CLA300 or CLA350 for example in the MB range dat comes with rear a/c.

For me actually dis type of estate(the European call it dat) MUST come with 3 row / 3 tier seat ,cos the boot is massive ,if it’s not ,it’s not ON for me.

I have been eyeing dis classic for a Long time(price is going up,as we speak)see if u noe dis model (Guess most dun).its S124TE.

Its a classic from yesteryear,some of u might noe ,it’s a three row & the cool bit is the last row is.............facing backwards!

Yup,the cynical side of u all(many,I suppose)will says it dangerous,yes ,I agree,but I dun care,my post,my rules.....haha.

julian,my observation ah?

U should explain  before the start of the review ,how Dey come out with dis name S.B?

Not many ppl noes,I also dunno,a while back,goggle yr best mate.

Its something to do with hunting?WHAT..........


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