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Should a handicap motorist drive a Ferarri 458?

Should a handicap motorist drive a Ferarri 458?



An image uploaded in SG Road Vigilante Facebook of a Ferrari 458 Italia parking at Alexandra Village Food Centre on a handicap lot. This keeps me wondering. . .  Should a disabled person drive such a monstrous car? 🤔


But on a closer inspection. . . This Ferrari 458 did not have a handicap label yet parking at a reserved handicap lot.


According to the accessibilityisfreedom.org website, if you attempt to park at a handicap lot, the fine is $400.


Maybe the driver is really handicap but hasn't applied for the handicap label. So just in case, you need to know how to go about it.

1) Online via e-Service (SingPass required)


2) By email or post

SG Enable – Car Park Label Scheme
20 Lengkok Bahru
Singapore 159053

Required documents:

- Class 1 Application Form

- Note: The Mobility Report must be completed by a Singapore registered medical doctor.

- Clear photocopy of the Applicant’s NRIC (Front and Back) / Passport 

- Clear photocopy of the Applicant’s Singapore driving licence (Front and Back)

- Clear photocopy of the Applicant’s Vehicle Registration Details from LTA

- Clear photocopy of Car Rental Agreement if your vehicle is a rental car

The fine has been increased from $200 to $400 yet there is still inconsiderate drivers who abuse the parking.

And here are some comments.




Nevertheless, let's be gracious toward each other while driving! Remember to pay your parking fines! 🙂


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fines don't work for the ultra rich

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