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Van lands in the bushes thanks to street racers

Van lands in the bushes thanks to street racers



Nothing new here. This is just another case of street racers causing trouble to the general road users.

Shared among group chats in Whatsapp is a series of videos that show a Volkswagen Golf GTI mk5 owner being bombarded with hokkien vulgarities. No, we won't be translating what those words mean in case you are wondering...

After some digging, we found out that the GTI driver who was being shouted at, and a Mitsubishi Evo X were zipping left and right through traffic along CTE on 9 Jul 2020 before causing a Toyota Hiace to crash and flip sideways into the bushes at the left side of the highway.

We could see that the GTI sustained some damage to its front left hence the driver stopped. We assumed the Evo X driver did not stop and continued on its way.


This is not the first time the GTI owner has been caught driving recklessly as you can see from the video above by ROADS.sg.


Of course neitzens on facebook are bashing the reckless drivers as we can see from Thelocalsociety's FB page. What are your thoughts on such drivers? Let us know!



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The traffic is so heavy with vehicles on all lanes. What's the point of going fast?

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looks like this driver is a frequent offender on the road. I hope the punishment is severe, so he won't endanger other road users life. 

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He clearly was not bothered about the injured woman, nor the driver inside. Apparently this is not his first time. He also seems to be from a rich family, hence he doesn't feel anything as he was always pampered. That's a guess. White Horse. 

1. Lifetime ban

2. Imprisonment , but not too light. Causing injury is up to 2years

3. Car will be confiscated causing huge monetary loss.

4. Fine as well. 

5. Compensation for the victims plus extra.

6. There wouldn't be any insurance towards the perpetrator, since he was driving recklessly, and speeding. 

7. This is not classified with just dangerous driving. More serious charges apply taking note of the damages caused, the seriousity, and the injuries. 

8. His friend would be charged with dangerous driving indeed. Speeding, and possible revocation of licence.  That first case would be an indication. The perpetrator would get a few times heavier. Imprisonment is a Must. 

9. This is Not his first time. It's almost daily. 

10. Compare. A person who had some beers and technically drink driving but going slow and calm (not drunk) just wanting to reach home. But with a road block, hes doomed to a suspension or revocation. His only fault was the drinking beforehand. Compare that to this Gold driver who not only cause damage and injuries, plus inconvenience to others, and yet not bothered about the injured, offering no assistance, with no regards to others except himself. Prison sentence should be meted out. Let's petition that. 


Regards, RaulRaj


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