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Unmarked Mazda 3 Traffic Police car nabs Malaysian bike

Unmarked Mazda 3 Traffic Police car nabs Malaysian bike




Now this is one heartening sight! Our local police force is working hard to catch bad-behaving vehicles on our roads!


Seen on SG Road Vigilante is this video of an unmarked Traffic Police vehicle zooming up fast on the AYE towards Tuas to catch a motorbike on 13th of December 2020. We can't really see why the bike was being stopped but according to the source, it is a Malaysian-registered bike with a mini rear number plate. 

While having such a number plate is an offence in our sunny island, we thought the police might also be catching the biker for a speeding offence or having a loud exhaust.

As for the rest of us, we now know when you see a white Mazda 3, it might not be a Private Hire Vehicle but an Unmarked Traffic Police car!





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Huh? Must it be TP and not other police dept like CNB? It can also be CID. Cos last time we saw our father's old car used in crimewatch. LoL...

All the more it's likely to be CNB. These M'sia registered bikes they stop are most likely drug mules. CNB must have insider info and nab them. 

All the guilty and paranoid drivers always think these are unmarked TP cars. If TP never make announcement that they are patrolling on regular passenger cars means there's no such thing.

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As long as TP is wearing their uniform, patrolling in unmarked car still can enforce road safety. They can stop you and issue summon.

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