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Here's why going Electric is the way forward

Here's why going Electric is the way forward

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With the planned phasing out of combustion engines by 2040, we find out from Cars & Coffee about how an electric car might just work out well today.

Thinking of getting an Electric Car (EV) in Singapore? Well, it isn't as hard as you think it is.

With the government planning to phase out the sale of new cars with Internal Combustion Engines by 2040 along with added incentives, EV ownership is set to increase in the next few years.

But can you make that choice today? We go to Cars & Coffee to find out more with its large lineup of cars, that also includes EVs.



1. They're fast and cool

There's something that everyone can enjoy when it comes to EVs: Their ability to provide instantaneous torque.

Perhaps the car manufacturer that truly represents this is Tesla. Cars & Coffee has the Model 3 sedan. With 510Nm of torque pushed out from its single electric motor, you can expect pretty rapid acceleration.

But elsewhere, the Model 3 is a cool car inside and out. It sports a minimalist interior with a huge 15-inch display to control various infotainment and vehicle features, plus, an all-glass roof.

And, most importantly, there's nothing short of cool about being seen in a Tesla today.


2. Small and practical, too

But an electric car doesn't have to be a luxurious go-fast option. You can have them in compact, practical packages too.

Check out the Honda e available at Cars & Coffee. If a practical roundabout is what you're after, the Honda e is a pretty sweet choice.


And it looks cool too. It looks quirky and fun, with proportions just a tad smaller than the quintessential Honda Jazz.

It's decked out in features. There's five screens displaying various driving and infotainment information. And in a bid for more efficient aerodynamics, it has cameras instead of wing mirrors - a cool party trick to show your passengers.


3. Servicing is easy

As car owners, you're used to the routine of frequent oil changes, spark plugs and the like.

Electric vehicles don't have to deal with the greasy, oily affair - they don't have internal combustion engines.

The routine maintenance then only generally applies to things such as your brake pads and discs, tyres, and of course topping up your windshield washer fluid.

It is cheaper in the long run, and thanks to the lesser maintenance, many EVs offer longer warranty periods. Cars & Coffee for example offers a five year or 130,000km warranty on the Tesla Model 3, whichever comes first.


4. Charging isn't as hard as you think it is

We've grown used to seeing our fuel gauge close to empty, popping by a petrol station and filling up. It takes 10 minutes - and lets you drive for a considerable distance before ever needing to fill up again.

The age-old idea that EVs take forever to charge is dead. They now charge as fast as your own mobile phone. The Honda e, for example, can charge at one of SP Group's 50kW fast chargers from 20 to 80% in under 30 minutes.

And more and more charging stations will be coming up in Singapore. This year's Budget has announced that there will be 28,000 charging ports in Singapore by 2030.

Another good reason to go for an EV now are reserved lots! Many malls offer reserved parking lots for electric cars, some even offering free charging! You'll never worry about finding a parking lot again.


5. Better rebates for EVs

With government initiatives to encourage car buyers to choose cleaner, more efficient vehicles, EVs will stand to benefit, too.

From 1 January 2021, the updated Vehicle Emissions Scheme rebate will be increased by $5,000, meaning a Band A1 vehicle will benefit from a $25,000 rebate.

But that's not all when you pick an EV. The Electric Vehicle Early Adoption Incentive offers a rebate of 45% off the Additional Registration Fee for EVs, capped at $20,000.

Which means, if you are planning to buy a Band A1 EV from 2021, you can benefit from a rebate of up to $45,000!


So, if you have the means to get an electric vehicle today, there are certainly a lot of benefits. With the government planning to phase out the sale of internal combustion engines by 2040, why wait when you can start today?

Looking for a new car? Head on down to Cars & Coffee Singapore at these locations. To get in touch, you can contact Cars & Coffee Singapore at 6266 5555.



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What’s a “practical roundabout”? I would like to think that all roundabouts should be useful although some like Newton Circus are treacherous during peak hours.

I think you meant practical runabout lah.

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