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YP cyclists pick fight with cabbie on their 'grandfather's road'

YP cyclists pick fight with cabbie on their 'grandfather's road'



If you don't like road cyclists, your blood confirm boil after this. According to SG Road Vigilante, these young cyclists caused a big hoo-hah in the middle of cross street road.

1571227223_Screenshot2021-01-15at5_15_01PM.thumb.png.6f884695fcbf650fff3ac590fc5bf287.pngFrom their body language, seems like they were buaysong (read: unhappy) with the Comfort Delgro Taxi. This took place on 14th January 8:21PM. 

While we don't know what happened, these cyclists had the audacity to gang up and trash it out on the roads. Some people really never die before, literally. 😑


Naturally, many Facebook users were enraged with the cyclists' behaviour: 

What's worse than YPs? YPs on bicycles picking fights on roads, obviously. 


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