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Lorry driver's quick thinking saves auntie's life, wowing others.

Lorry driver's quick thinking saves auntie's life, wowing others.



Amidst all the tragic car accidents happening lately, here's some heart-warming news. This lorry driver's considerate actions spared both the motorist and the old lady from a fatal crash. Like the lorry driver, do look out for other road users and especially the elderly – we must proteccc those that we can. 

So on the 17th Feb, around 8AM on Clementi Avenue 2, this Chinese auntie nearly let herself get run down by a motorist because she jaywalked in front of a lorry. The lorry uncle quickly shot his hands out of the window to alarm the motorist, who braked just! in! time! 


Its not the fault of the motorist, but do I blame the auntie? Her senses likely dulled with age so I can't really fault her... but auntie, you almost caused an accident! Very scary you know!

You can tell the auntie really didn't think things through. She was shocked and even stumbled back a bit. 

Thankfully, the lorry driver's senses were sharp and alert. By signalling, he demonstrated exemplary road user behaviour – super considerate to other road users??? What a KING. I can't stress this enough. Someone get him a beer! Or a cape! 


^ What they said! The motorist didn't do anything wrong, he was just minding his business. She wasn't supposed to cross like that. The truck gave the motorist a blind spot as well – can we appreciate the motorist for reacting fast too?

Anyway, we need to protect these unthinking elderlies... sigh. Stay alert and help where you can, for a little goes a long way!!! Putting this gif here again to serve as a good reminder. 

I still can't get over what a close call this was. One second late and the consequences would've been horrifying. 


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lorry uncle is good. The auntie needs to learn, or soon or later...

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Why nobody flame the biker for riding between lanes? That is what bikers do? A norm now? Doesnt it occur to anyone that motorbike accidents happen often when they ride between lanes? We have seen so many videos of it it is becoming tiring.

Why cant ppl cross at the back of the lorry where the line of sight is not blocked?

If only everyone is as aware and alert as the lorry driver.

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Riding between lanes aka lane splitting is allow in Spore, so biker is not wrong as long as they do it safely. 

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