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Sensitive cyclist does not like to be honked at

Sensitive cyclist does not like to be honked at



TL;DR – Cyclist flies into a rage and blocks traffic when cam car driver honks at him. Yet another road rage incident by a cyclist who thinks he owns the road.


I’m all for keeping fit and healthy. If people think cycling does that for them, I’m no one to judge. But, when it starts to endanger the lives of others, we need to draw some lines.

Let’s take today’s video for example

We have a cyclist who raises his right arm, indicating he would like to turn right.


Under the rules and guidelines for cyclists, there’s no wrong there - 100 points for you sir.


But why did he not check for oncoming traffic from behind?

Putting up your hand does not automatically give a cyclist the right-of-way to ‘suka suka’ change lane and endanger other road users. You still need to check your blind spot for cars, yes?

Even when you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle, you still need to check your blind spot for vehicles if you signal left or right to make a lane change or a turn.

And why so angry?


The video has no audio, but from the body language of the cyclist, it’s pretty apparent that the cam car driver honked at the cyclist.

The cyclist proceeds to get off his bike, obstructs the cam car and challenges the driver to come out to confront him.






This cyclist deserves an A for effort at following the rules and regulations but going through the motions without situational awareness is a fail.

Till the next one!


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Similarly  if i signal and change lane despite  u coming fast behind  and even if u are force to brake hard and horn me. 

I will  make sure i behave like this uncle  stop my car in the middle of the road and confront  u.

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Years back, I remembered I was driving up hill on a two way lane and a cyclist was cycling in front of me and took half of the 1 lane. I gave him a light honk him to warn him that I am behind. And he pointed his middle finger to me. 

To me, it is not how I react to it. It is more about these cyclists common sense and upbringing. 

It is like a case of you warn someone danger and he blame you for warning him. Hahaha. So let them fall into the shit hole.

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From what I see on the road there seems to be more and more bicyclists on the roads. Its about time the authorities start looking into widening roads where possible and implementing bicycle/pmd lanes. Bicycles and pmds are a danger on the roads and measures should be taken to protect both them as well as other motorists. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

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