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BMW M5 caught speeding and beating a red light in Eunos

BMW M5 caught speeding and beating a red light in Eunos



A BMW M5 was caught speeding recklessly and beating the red light along Still Road on Wednesday (June 9) night.

The 39-second clip shows multiple views of the speeding vehicle from a camcar that was at the traffic junction.

According to the Road Traffic Act, drivers caught speeding will be awarded demerit points and a composition fine.


After watching the video, there is no doubt that the BMW had exceeded the speed limit. Drivers who are caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 40km/h would receive 12 to 24 demerit points, along with a mandatory prosecution in court.

Additionally, beating the red light will incur a fine of up to $400 and another 12 demerit points. 

With the recent news of actor Gurmit Singh receiving an $800 fine for speeding, I had expected Singaporeans to be more mindful and to avoid speeding on empty roads.

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Honestly, the few minutes that you save on your trip is not worth the consequences that come along with it. Be it an exorbitant fine or a potentially fatal car accident, you would have wished that you didn’t speed in the first place.


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