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Frustrations from a full bladder cost this limousine driver $8000

Frustrations from a full bladder cost this limousine driver $8000



A limousine driver was fined $4,500 in court on Thursday (8 July) for punching and kicking another car that was blocking his way at a yellow-box junction.

According to Channel News Asia, the incident occurred in May 2019 near Ion Orchard, when the freelance limousine driver urgently needed to go to the toilet while being stuck in a traffic jam.

Due to his tight schedule, the driver needed to be at Beach Road in less than half an hour for another job.


Wanting to exit from Orchard Turn into Orchard Boulevard, the driver found himself caught in a slow-moving peak hour traffic. There was no way for him to move out as vehicles were stopping inside the yellow-box junction.

As the light turned green in his favour, the limousine driver tried to move out but was blocked by the victim, who stopped his vehicle in the yellow-box junction.

With the frustration of a full bladder on a packed schedule, the driver got upset at the victim for being ungracious. This led to him throwing a temper tantrum as he alighted his limousine, kicked the front bumper and pounded on the windows and doors of the victim’s vehicle.

The victim subsequently sent his car into a workshop and received a full quotation of $7,074.84. However, he only opted for partial repairs, which costs $550.

The limousine driver pleaded guilty to one count of mischief, with a secondary charge of intentionally causing alarm.

As compensation for the damages he had inflicted, he repaid the victim a total of $3,500. Along with the fine, the total amount that he had to pay resulted in $8,000.

While I understand the pent-up stress that one experiences from holding his bladder for 11 hours straight, what the driver did to the victim was in bad taste. Also, wouldn’t raging at someone else take up more time, especially since he desperately needed a toilet then?


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While the limousine driver got lucky and did not have to serve any time in jail, $8,000 is still a lot to pay for a moment of road rage.



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TP faster collect money for nation building here.


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If I TP I think my bonus better than SS supermarket.

I know where to meet quota.

People in yellow box, lorries on lane 1, etc etc


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Please don't laugh or give negative comment on any driver/s who are caught up with full bladder holding for such an long period of time, imagine most  taxi uncles /Limo drivers suffer from Prostrate problem, Im saying problem means it can be worse than that ( cancer ) and I purposely say this how " Pek Chek " one can be in such situation b4 . Of course there is a lesson to be learn from it. Im pretty sure he did what he could to escape from the bad traffic jammed. That is Murphy laws, I suppose !

It don't pay for a few minutes of anger management.



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Driver stopping in yellow box, not penalised. Often quotation from some minor damages account to thousands of dollars which people who are familiar with parts quotation and repair know that is bullshxt and pure scamming. Law these days are not justified too, just encourage the bad to be worse.

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