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Renault Megane RS tries to outrun a Mercedes-Benz GLA45 and fails

Renault Megane RS tries to outrun a Mercedes-Benz GLA45 and fails



TL;DR – A Megane RS shows us how its 6-speed manual transmission can't outshift the GLA45s' 7-speed DCT transmission


A user-uploaded video on Complaint Singapore features a Megane RS and a GLA45s drag racing from one traffic light to the next.

Here's the video for reference:


The 22-second video takes place in the CBD area of Singapore, along Central Blvd.


It's not a Hyundai

The caption of the video states that the car racing the Mercedes is a Hyundai, but it's not. It's a Renault Megane RS


Manual vs DCT

Towards the end of the video, you'll notice that the GLA overtakes the Megane RS before the video cuts off.

So, does that mean that a dual-clutch transmission is better than a manual one?

Let's see how Google answered this question.


DCTs can be as efficient as manual transmissions, and it shifts faster than any human can. This is why the application of DCTs in performance cars makes perfect sense. However, in everyday driving, DCTs will struggle to creep in traffic and on hills. It's an inherent characteristic of DCTs to judder at low speeds.

Source: wapcar.my via Google

Online chatter



Whoa. Why so angry?




BlueSG car also faster\



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What's the point of this article, Megane RS of course will lose, needless to say lol.

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Make sure TP see this Video,ask the 2 Drive go TP HQ drink Coffee & Charge them illegal Speed trial...

  • Praise 1

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59 minutes ago, mikk123 said:

can someone put back the link? 

it's back up! 🙂

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15 hours ago, unicornfloof said:

it's back up! 🙂

thank you....what a race of the day! 

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