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Toyota Vellfire acts like it's the King of the road and bullies Mazda 3

Toyota Vellfire acts like it's the King of the road and bullies Mazda 3



A PHV Toyota Vellfire was caught on video bullying a Mazda 3 by intentionally blocking it and preventing it from changing lanes. 

This road-bullying incident occurred on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), which involved a PHV Toyota Vellfire and a Mazda 3.   

In the video, a Mazda 3 and a PHV Toyota Vellfire are travelling alongside each other on lanes 1 and 2, respectively.   

Moments after, the cam car driver flashes his high beam as an indication to the Mazda 3 driver to filter to lane 2.


The PHV Toyota Vellfire driver went through many inconveniences just to REPEATEDLY block the Mazda 3 from filtering to lane 2.   

The Vellfire PHV driver performed PLENTY of brake checks and aggressive manoeuvres such as overtaking from the left.   

Just so the Vellfire driver could remain alongside the Mazda 3 after overtaking a motorcyclist from the left, I felt that he might have pushed the entire 179bhp out of his 2.5L engine. 

However, I suspect that these two drivers had a prior altercation before this entire incident. 


NGL, this is what happens when a driver that lacks in confidence (Mazda 3) meets a guai lan driver (Toyota Vellfire).   

Regardless of what may have happened earlier, this Toyota Vellfire is definitely an a**hole of a driver.   

Unpopular opinion: Camcar, you ain’t no saint either.   


Instead of whining and flashing your high beam at the Mazda 3, you could have backed off a little and given way to the Mazda 3, so he could filter to lane 2.   

Netizens' comments





Let’s all practice being more gracious and courteous on the road.   

Don’t be like this CB Toyota Vellfire driver, okay?


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So pissed off at that vellfire driver.

Hope his car got hellfire.

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