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Myth: Drivers will be penalised for knocking down cyclists even when they don't look out for traffic

Myth: Drivers will be penalised for knocking down cyclists even when they don't look out for traffic



Urban myth

As drivers, we all have heard of the myth that the police will always penalise the driver for knocking down a cyclist (or pedestrians too) - even if they don't look out for traffic. 

It's common beliefs like this that make drivers extremely anxious when they encounter run-ins with cyclists.


However, one fellow driver proved this belief wrong as he shared his experience after getting in an accident with a cyclist.


According to the Facebook post by Jacky Ang, he was driving out of a carpark in Ang Mo Kio in July when a cyclist appeared unexpectedly.

Not wanting to hit the cyclist, Mr Ang stepped on his brakes.

After seeing the cyclist fall in front of his vehicle, he stepped out of his car and offered to help.

The day after

The day after this incident, Mr Ang said that he had contacted the cyclist and offered to send him to the clinic for his injuries. However, the cyclist rejected his offer.

A few days later, the cyclist sent Mr Ang a message wanting to claim his car insurance for his medical bills.


Luckily for him, Mr Ang had already made a police report on the day of the accident.

In the end

After conducting initial investigations, the Singapore Traffic Police told Mr Ang that they will be charging the cyclist for failing to stop and look out for oncoming traffic.

Relieved, Mr Ang posted about his experience online, encouraging other drivers to not be afraid of placing a police report for road incidents.


Netizens’ reactions

Mr Ang's post quickly went viral with netizens, who took to the comments to share about their own experiences as well. 




Drivers (and cyclists) can learn a valuable lesson from Mr Ang's experience - Do not be afraid of lodging a police report if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.





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Terrible moral of that cyclist. Wrong still want to claim others for his mistake. Hope covid 19 take him away 😆

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56 minutes ago, Heartbreakid said:

Terrible moral of that cyclist. Wrong still want to claim others for his mistake. Hope covid 19 take him away 😆

Yep, and the fact that he rejected the driver's offer to go to a clinic is 


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Encountered a delivery rider also like that. Be careful when in their vicinity, because they may like to take an all-expense paid vacation, funded by your insurance.

But in my encounter it ended well. This rider rode into the left hand corner of my car's rear bumper, leaving scuff marks, luckily no dents, but he fell off his motorcycle and had to be helped off the ground. Of course his fellow riders nearby helped him up, etc. and I was polite all the way, suggesting we just exchange information.

He, backed by his witnesses claimed that i was initiating a left turn and signalled late ( of course, no mention that he was trying to overtake my car from the left ...lol)

I made a police report that evening and informed my insurer. Then wait and wait, no claim came. All quiet. Later on, i was informed that the rider was probably not the registered owner of the motorbike, hence just keep quiet.

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