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Watch this intense pursuit between camcar and a Porsche Macan

Watch this intense pursuit between camcar and a Porsche Macan



One would never expect an accident to occur just at the foot of their home.

Watch this video to see how the cam car reacts against a hit-and-run driver:

What happened?

Although the accident location is unknown, the surroundings suggest that the location is situated among several condominiums. 

As the cam car was making a right turn into his condominium, a Porsche Macan abruptly cuts the cam car on his right.

As a result, the Porsche ended up hitting the side of the cam car. 

Fortunately, the impact of the accident was pretty minor since both cars were travelling along a street.

Fight Or Flight?

Instead of going down to exchange personal information, the driver behind the Porsche Macan decides to escape from the cam car. 

The Porsche Macan pushes out all 300-ish ponies from his turbocharged engine, gapping the distance between him and the cam car in an instance. 


Shortly after, the cam car commences an intense pursuit after the Porsche and even "bashes" through the security barrier of the Porsche driver's condominium. 

Stuck With Nowhere To Escape

Honestly, this is the stupidest thing anyone could do -- Performing a hit-and-run and trying to hide inside your own condominium, despite the victim right behind your ass. 


The video abruptly ends with the cam car speeding through the condominium's carpark, leaving viewers on a cliffhanger.

Needless to say, the Porsche will eventually be caught as there is only 1 entry and exit within the condominium.

All it takes is for the cam car to go around the carpark and find a dark coloured, damaged Porsche with the matching number plate mentioned in the video. 

Netizens' Comments


Damn right it is. At least this involves an exciting chase. 


I am also looking for an "official ending". I will update this post if there is any.


Lame. See you kena hit-and-run already, will keep quiet or horn all the way lor. 




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drunk/drugged/no license

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Lemme guess.....the Macan is owned by a loanshark but driven by his friend by the name of "Kelvin"?

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On 10/12/2021 at 9:27 PM, Eyke said:

drunk/drugged/no license

didi no license to drive daddy macan out

langar liao ... scare scare ... run back to condo to hide

can ask maid come down to admit she was driving the car .... lol

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