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Cyclist receives $300 speeding fine for travelling at 27km/hr on a 10km/hr path

Cyclist receives $300 speeding fine for travelling at 27km/hr on a 10km/hr path



TL;DR – Poor cyclist travelling along the South of the 24km long Rail Corridor receives a speeding fine of $300 for going 17km/hr over the 10km/hr speed limit.



Yes. You heard right. You can get a speeding fine even if you’re a cyclist.

Here’s proof


Where did this incident take place?

The image did not precisely specify which part of the Rail Corridor (South) this incident happened. But the South Corridor stretches from Hillview MRT to Tanjong Pagar Railway station.


What is Reg4(2)(b) of the Parks and Trees Regulations (Cap 216, R1)?

To be honest, I didn’t even know such a thing existed either.

Let’s do a quick Google search.



Doesn't that means the cyclist got off relatively lucky with a $300 fine instead of the maximum $2000?

27km/hr is fast for a footpath

The cyclist deserves the fine. He or she’s travelling on a footpath at nearly 30km/hr! If the bicycle hits someone, an injury is inevitable.

Online Chatter


What a mathematician!



I was thinking about this too.


It’s like what we learned in the army. Do whatever you want, just don’t…..




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