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Childish Shariot driver thinks out of the box on how to manage his anger after vehicle cuts into his lane

Childish Shariot driver thinks out of the box on how to manage his anger after vehicle cuts into his lane



TL;DR – A Honda Shuttle makes a super-illegal left turn to block the path of cam car at a slip road. The cam car had initially cut into the Honda Shuttle’s lane and the Shuttle driver was having none of it.


If someone cuts into your lane abruptly, how would you react?

Whack that high beam?

Sound the horn?

Curse the other driver in the comfort of your car and forget about it in five minutes?

That’s what I would do.

But, in this latest 3-minute video, we have a Honda Shuttle driver who takes his anger management issues to the next level.


So angry for what? Drivers experience this every other day


The video begins with a common sighting – a vehicle (cam car) cutting into the path of another vehicle (Honda Shuttle) to enter a slip road.

We do not know whether the driver of the cam car signalled their intention to lane change.


Cam car enter the slip road, Shuttle drives past as if it’s going straight. Everything seems fine and dandy, right?



Out of nowhere, the Shuttle appears in front of the cam car and stops there.

We then realise that the Shuttle is a Shariot car. It doesn’t even belong to the driver!

Wait a minute, hold up


For the Shuttle to end up there, doesn’t that mean it had to turn left here?

That’s illegal AF though, right? RIGHT?!

Uncle, why you so childish?

Eventually, the driver steps out of the vehicle to reveal a singlet wearing Uncle.


Who uses his phone to snap a picture of the cam car’s license plate.

Both parties at fault?

While we don’t know what happened before the recording, I must say that the lane change by cam car felt rather abrupt and could have posed a moderate level of danger for vehicles in its rear.

But that does not justify doing something illegal to prove a point.


Online Chatter


Cheap car hard to find though. COE so high.





Remember, two wrongs do not make a right.




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don't say that lah....people rarely drive. they don't know what is happening on the road one...forgive him lah. 

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Common happening, just over do. Stupid Uncle lor!


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So headache to see mirrored video, dont know which one is the correct one..turning left or right :ph34r:

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Equally stupid is the cam car if it indeed did a hard cut into people's lane just to do last minute turn and without signaling. Many of such acts always get away and unpunished. Front car doing this gets away if cause chain collision behind because of hard braking. So instead of returning a stupid act with another, uncle can just send his cam recording to traffic police lah. 

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