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YPs doodle on probably the most expensive canvas in the world - a Volkswagen Touran

YPs doodle on probably the most expensive canvas in the world - a Volkswagen Touran



Surely these young punks have better things to do than to draw on a car with markers?


A recent video posted by Sgfollowsall has netizens wondering if this was simply an act of vandalism or if there was more than meets the eye.


The video opens with what sounds like a few teenagers talking loudly and using markers to draw vulgarities on a grey Volkswagen Touran.

The location appears to be an open carpark along East Coast Park.


The person filming walks around the vehicle to show the various doodles made by his friends.

He then proceeds to pick up a marker to make his mark on the car with an offensive comment to LTA.


The clip ends with a picture of the finished product – the SGD $197,900 vehicle completely covered in doodles.


Is this vandalism?

At first glance, one would assume that these punks were vandalising a stranger’s car with malicious intent.

However, several comments under the post highlighted the possibility of these boys playing a prank on a friend.



A commenter also added that the vehicle owner had intended to respray his car and encouraged his friends to draw on it before doing so.


While we are unsure of the actual scenario, let’s discuss the possible consequences of vandalism and what constitutes vandalism in Singapore.


According to the Vandalism Act, writing, drawing, painting, marking or inscribing on any public property or private property any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, or symbol without the written consent of the owner counts as vandalism.

Offenders found guilty will be fined up to $2,000 and an imprisonment term of up to 3 years. Additionally, they will be given up to 8 strokes of the cane.


Netizens’ reactions




It is important for everyone to note that acts of vandalism are not taken lightly in Singapore. Even if this incident was done as a prank or with the owner's consent, it definitely hurts my heart to see these kids doodle on such an expensive canvas.





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